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Kailer Yamamoto named WHL Player of the Week

It took a while for Kailer Yamamoto to find his groove in the WHL, but the Oilers’ first-round pick from 2017 has been tearing it up as of late. As a result, he’s been named WHL Player of the Week. It’s the first time this season he’s been given the honours.

Yamamoto spent nine games with the Oilers after making the team out of training camp. After the cup of coffee, the Oilers sent him back to Spokane in order to avoid burning a year off of his entry-level contract. He got off to a slow start re-adjusting to the league, only scoring 12 points in his first 13 games back with the Chiefs.

He was named to the American World Junior squad in December where he recorded two goals and two assists in a Bronze medal winning effort. Since returning, though, Yamamoto has looked like the talent that finished sixth in WHL scoring in his draft year. In his last nine games, Yamamoto has seven goals and 19 points, giving him 31 points in 21 games for the season.

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Enjoy these videos from Yamamoto’s hot streak:

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  • WhoreableGuy

    Man, I thought it was going to end up a disastrous season fro Yam when he took that vicious slash at the end of the WJHC semi’s from that Russian.

    He had to be carried off and I thought he’d out for a few weeks. Instead he goes back to Spokane and is tearing it up.

    I guess all it takes is a slash to the knee.

  • fisherprice

    Kind of reminds me of Ebs (I mean that as a compliment), except faster and feistier. Still think this kid is a competitor that Oilers fans will love for years to come.

    • morsecode89

      Jordan Eberle scored 382 points in 507 games for the Edmonton Oilers. Yeah, last season and last playoffs were rough on him. And yeah, the fans and the management soured on his play. But if Kailer Yamamoto turns out to be anywhere close to the player Jordan Eberle was in Edmonton, the Oilers will be lucky.

      Guys who score at a .75 ppg pace in the NHL are rare. The current Oiler roster could sure use a few more of them. Of course, we got grit now. And Chia pete doing his gritty dance thing.

  • Mitch92

    Bold predictions for the trade deadline. Edmonton will trade Draisaitl and Talbot to Montreal for Carey Price. Possibly some picks and prospects will be added to balance out the deal. They will also deal for Tyler Bozak from the Leafs, possibly in a for Maroon and a conditional pick if Bozak resigns.

    • Odanada

      The Price contract is just too horrible to even think about. Like Talbot, Price drops to his knees too quickly and the league has figured out to just shoot it over his shoulder. Price is a good goalie, but unless he can adapt his style, his reign as the league’s best is over. Fred Anderson in Toronto is better than Price.
      The only way I can even conceive of taking Price is if the Habs take Lucic and his oppressive contract in return.