Kailer Yamamoto is on his way into the Spokane Chiefs record books

We’ve got to talk about the odd season Kailer Yamamoto’s is having again. We all know how poorly he played during his return to the WHL after his stint with the Oilers. And we all know how poorly he played during the World Junior tournament at the beginning of the year. But what he’s done since his return to the team on January 12 has been nothing short of amazing. 

Since rejoining the Chiefs after the World Juniors were over, Kailer Yamamoto has put up 24 points in 10 games. Pretty good right? Now compare that to the 12 points in 13 games he got before Christmas and you’re on a whole other playing field. It actually amazes me how someone can turn their game around that quickly.

Don’t forget that Kailer went down with a leg injury in his last game of the World Juniors and missed four games in the WHL because of it. Kailer must have got some intense superpower medication and rehab from that injury because I’ve never seen anyone bounce back like that before. What could they have possibly done to Yamo to make him play so good?

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All-time assists

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To make things even more entertaining, is that Kailer’s now working his way up the board for all-time assists leaders. Kailer now sits in fifth with 169 assists. Looking at the image above, Mitch Wahl and Brenden Kichton never have played an NHL game, Pat Falloon played his last NHL game 18 years ago, and Ray Whitney obviously had a very long and successful career.

The Nation Roundup

At the time of this article (Friday), the Spokane Chiefs have 21 games left to play in the season. At his current point pace, it is very likely that Kailer can pass Mitch Wahl on the assists leaderboard. Since New Years, Yamamoto is scoring 2.4 points per game. Think he can keep this up for another twenty?

Other records to note

Yamamoto currently sits 13th in all-time point leaders on the Chiefs with 263. If he miraculously continues this scoring pace for the remainder of the season, Kailer could finish third in all-time points behind Pat Falloon and Ray Whitney. I know this is pretty unlikely, but how can you not hope for it to happen.

Kailer also sits 11th in all-time points per game with Spokane. His career points per game is 1.23. Again, I know this is unlikely, but if he continues the crazy pace he’s on right now until the end of the season, Yamo will jump into 8th all-time. This is probably Yamamoto’s last year in the WHL, so I hope he can finish it on a high note with some sweet trophies.

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  • Soccer Steve

    I don’t care that they gave him a long NHL look this year. If he is on the Oilers next roster, it’s probably another busted season. No knock on Yamamoto, it’s just that we should not have spots available for a kid.

  • The Future Never Comes

    Okay, I got the Oiler’s playbook ready for him: Overhype his time in Juniors, think he is good enough to leap past entry pro caliber development (AHL), gift wrap him top 6 minutes against the NHL’s best opposition, destroy his confidence and ask why he is not producing at his expected potential in a 150 pound teenagers frame, send him back to AHL for 4 games where he gets 3 assists, bring him back up when his confidence was just beginning to rebound to destroy it again and have the fan base jump on his back saying he’s a bust. Trade him to another team for a third round pick that amounts to nothing due to a terrible scouting staff, only to see him flourish there and become a perennial top 30 point producer. Start process over again with new high level draft pick due to not making the playoffs, rinse and repeat for year 13 of total ineptitude. Fans say this is the year due to new high draft picks and a couple off season mediocre moves that really doesn’t push the tide all that much. AND GO!

        • The Future Never Comes

          Every budding potential NHL player is 100% effort until they step foot on the Oiler’s swamp grounds, play 3 years on a perennial loser with not enough talent, have the fan base jump on their back. Then Vuala, 100% effort is gone.

          • fasteddy

            I’m typically the first to always point out that high draft picks for virtually every team jump up quickly…..but I absolutely see the merit in letting players gain/keep confidence. I know a story of two fantastic players that went in different directions; one went to junior at 15/16, slugged it out for playing time and doing virtually nothing production-wise, (this is in late 80’s), the other played a year of triple A midget and lit it up. The one that stayed in midget the extra year ended up being a scoring star in jr and had a long career in the show. The first guy never played a game in the show. (And I forgot to add was the higher scoring player prior to them going separate directions)

  • Connor McFly

    It’s easy to see the hockey sense, speed and hands are there. He has a way to go yet to develop into a threat in the NHL. I like the determination to turn things around this season.