Photo Credit: Connor Mah

Connor McDavid races the rest of the Oilers

Connor McDavid has been in the NHL for almost three full seasons and I don’t think we’ve ever encountered a video of him racing his own teammates. We’ve seen him in the Oilers skills competition, but never in a full blown race against each other. We now have video evidence of this thanks to Gene Principe, and the results are as expected.

Yes, the result of this race is predictable, but it’s also a lot more hilarious then I ever thought it would be. Sure this is only a small clip of the drill, but you can clearly see how ahead of the group Connor actually is. As Gene put it, the team got a feeling of what it’s like to be the opposing team trying to chase Connor around the ice all night.

Connor clearly isn’t wearing any rocket skates in this video so add this to the evidence box showing that the man is all natural. I know legally he cannot play in this league if he’s a robot but it just doesn’t make sense to me how he can move so fast. Looking more and more at the video I can’t really tell if Connor actually got a head start in the race. I hope this is wrong and Connor started at the same spot, but I guess we’ll never know.