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After breakout season, Fix-Wolansky hungry for more

At the beginning of the year, the Edmonton Oil Kings knew that Trey Fix-Wolansky was good, they just didn’t think he was this good.

“Coming into the league last year, you saw glimpses and I think now there’s an expectation because he’s raised the bar for himself,” said Head Coach Steve Hamilton “Did we forecast him as being an 85 point guy in his second year in the league? That would have been the upper end of expectations.”

Despite being just 18-years-old, Fix-Wolansky put up numbers that you’d expect to see from a 19 or 29-year-old. His 32 goals and 57 assists not only lead the Oil Kings in scoring but put him in the top-20 in the WHL’s point race with 89. Only six other players born in 1999 were in the top-20.

“At the start of the year, I was reaching high, but I didn’t really expect for it to be this high,” said Fix-Wolansky.

Born right here in Edmonton, Fix-Wolansky didn’t really think the WHL was going to be a possibility. Instead, he had his eyes on going the college route and joined the Spruce Grove Saints when he 16 with the hopes of one day grabbing a scholarship.

That changed when the chance to play for the hometown Oil Kings arose.

“I was thinking of going to College, I had a couple of offers there. My rights were in Prince Albert and then my agent kind of said that there were a few teams interested in me and Edmonton was one of them and I thought it would be amazing to play in Edmonton,” explained Fix-Wolansky.

It’s a partnership that has worked out far better than expected for both sides and after a highly successful 2017-18 campaign, Fix-Wolansky may hear his name called during the later rounds of the 2018 NHL Draft.

Scouts and those who have watched him closely recognize his natural skill and knack for creating goals, but the biggest knock on Fix-Wolansky has been his commitment to the game and his willingness get in the physical shape necessary to be successful at the next level.

“Each and every year it’s obviously a goal to get better. I want to work hard in the offseason and have an even better season next year,” added Fix-Wolansky.

As for which NHL teams could be interested in Fix-Wolansky, you don’t have to look too far. He attended the Edmonton Oilers rookie camp this past fall and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see his hometown team use one of their later round picks on the shifty winger.

All signs point to him taking an even bigger step forward in 18/19. First off, he’ll be a year older and in a league that’s run by 19 and 20-year-olds, the competition should only get easier for him to dominate.

Unlike others, he wasn’t been sheltered as an 18-year-old either. Fix-Wolansky would regularly go up against the oppositions best defenseman this season, and he excelled. That experience will help him bring his offensive production to a whole nother level.

“He’s now going to have two full years under his belt, a maturing team around him and probably some support. I can see him continuing to be better and better,” said Steve Hamilton.

At just 5’8, Fix-Wolansky’s size has always been used against him, but Hamilton says that makes his success that much more admirable,“He’s probably always had to prove that he can play because of his height. You can’t possibly walk into a rink, watch him play and have any doubts that he’s able to accomplish these things.”

The organization is high on their young star, and after this season, the WHL should be on alert as well. Expect big things from the kid who wears #27 for the Oil Kings.

  • Sammy27

    The Oilers have a habit of over-valuing Oil kings prospects ( and then drafting them), is this another case of the same or is he able and possible to get himself committed to get to the next level?

  • Kingspain

    Have to ask if this is another Oilers/Oil Kings feel good story with lots of candy coating. Fix-Wolansky has a NHL calibre shot, not question. The rest of his game is questionable and if he just got a regular shift and not a ton of ice time like he did, what would his production be? Note Fix-Wolansky was coached by the Oil Kings current coaching staff when he was a prospect with the St Albert Saints and also at his hockey school, so there was favoritism. Have ask if this piece more of a feel good smoke screen to get fans minds off of the current coaching and management problems with the Oil Kings?

    • fasteddy

      This guy has been writing OK stuff all season….and secondly, though I understand your thought process, if you watch junior hockey you’ll see it’s a very select few that can produce at levels like that; ice time and opportunity helps, but it’s absolutely not a guarantee of putting up numbers like that.

    • gr8haluschak

      I thought stupid comments were left for Oilers related posts, however I was wrong. The kid produced but you are right it is favoritism that got him where he is. I also love the gem if he got a regular shift, well guess what he produced and scored that is why he did not get just a regular shift. I also love the stupid comment about current management problems and coaching, do you have a clue how the WHL works – EVERY TEAM goes through its cycles of crap to contending then back to crap then to contending. I cannot believe I wasted 3 minutes on such a garbage comment.

    • Tyler Yaremchuk

      Not to be THAT guy, but the St. Albert Saints havent been a thing for years. You can say favouritism all you want, but he produces. The numbers he put up, for an 18-year-old, speak for themself