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A round of golf with Ryan Smyth

My friends, if you didn’t already know, we’re throwing our 10th Anniversary Party this coming Saturday at the Pint Downtown. The goal of the party is to get the Nation together, drink away the memory of another horrible season, and to raise some money for a great cause while we’re at it.

If you didn’t know, the whole reason the Nation is a thing is because of the man in the photo above. When Smytty got traded to New York, Wanye and the Squire started this here website as a response to the fans lacking a place to express themselves and vent their frustrations at the loss of our mulleted hero. After a decade in the books and thousands of articles posted, we’re closing out our 10th season with a bash for our readers with a goal of getting everybody together, giving away a ton of prizes, and raising some money for Hockey Helps the Homeless while we’re at it.

Unfortunately, Smytty’s schedule wouldn’t allow him to join us on Saturday night but he still wanted to help so has offered up a round of golf for you and a buddy to join him a the Edmonton Golf and Country Club. How do you make that happen? I thought you’d never ask. All you have to do is submit the high bid in the form below and you’ll be lined up for an all-inclusive golf day with Ryan Smyth.

What do you get and when does the auction end? Good questions.

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  • The auction will end Saturday (April 7th) at noon MST.
  • Two passes for a round of golf at the Edmonton Golf and Country Club
  • Golf cart, dinner and drinks with #94 and Adam from Nation HQ
  • The knowledge that your bid will be going directly to Hockey Helps the Homeless
  • Memories that will last a lifetime
  • An estimated value of $500
The Oilers should look to take advantage of the Arizona Coyotes

After submitting your bid, we’ll be updating this page often with the most recent bid leader being listed below the attached form. If you want to submit a bid (serious offers only please), complete the attached form. If you check back and the bid leaders haven’t been updated in a while, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or the Nation Dan and we’ll make sure everything is up to date.

Fill out my online form.


Brian P: $2800 – 4/7/2018 at 11:22 am MST