McLellan and Gulutzan visit Humboldt

This past week we were all reminded that there are much more important things in life than the game of hockey. The NHL season has come to an end for the Flames and Oilers, so Todd McLellan and Glen Gulutzan have teamed up to pay a visit to Humboldt. 

Todd and Glen both have connections to the province of Saskatchewan as they grew up in Melville and Hudson Bay respectively. They both played hockey in the SJHL and McLellan got his first coaching gig in the league as well.

Both coaches arrived in Humboldt this morning to pay a visit to the recovering players who were involved in the horrific bus crash on Friday afternoon. The incident hit home for the two of them as they were both in disbelief after hearing about the tragedy. Todd McLellan said the following in a press conference before the game yesterday.

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I can’t imagine what those families are feeling and going through right now. They need our support… they’ll need our help.

Part of the fabric of the game is the bus… it’s the vehicle that provides some camaraderie and some unity amongst teammates.

It’s absolutely unbelievable to see the hockey and non-hockey world come together to support the people affected by this incident. McLellan and Gulutzan, two rivals on the ice coming together off the ice to deliver gifts to the players is one of many ways people are doing their part to show support.

A GoFundMe that was created on Friday night is already at $3.6M raised at the time of this article. Are you kidding me?? That is outstanding. We also teamed up with Print Machine here in Edmonton to create the Humboldt fundraiser tees shown below with 100% of profits going towards the families. Over 3000 shirts were sold in one day and it’s still climbing! The world can do amazing things when we come together, and we will continue to have the Humboldt Broncos and their families in our thoughts and prayers.