Oilers year end report card

My friends, it’s been a while since we’ve ranked the Oilers in an up-or-down style report card and with the season wrapped up, I wanted to get your thoughts on how everyone did.

Obviously, if you’ve ever filled out one of these reports cards you’ll know that this isn’t the most scientific way to evaluate the players and coaches, but I still find it interesting to see how the list shakes out. Even though this is just a yay or nay style poll, I’m always curious to know who moved the dial for you guys and who was a waste of space in your minds.

Let’s get to the votes:

Again, I know that this isn’t the most sophisticated “report card” ever to be created in the history of the world but it still gives us an idea of what the Nation is thinking and that’s the whole point. For me, the most interesting results will come from the coaching staff and management, but I’m also intrigued by what you guys think about the players and special teams too. Needless to say, there were few highlights in what could arguably be described as one of the most disappointing non-playoff seasons in Oilers history and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in the vote.

  • crabman

    would be nice if there was a 3rd option of a horizontal arrow. There were a couple I didn’t think had a good season but not bad either and disn’t want to give them either.

  • ed from edmonton

    Its pretty well documented that only a hand full of the Oils had even okay seasons. McD, RNH, Nurse and Khaira. Beyond that everyone else was various levels of dissapointment. Some were perhaps close to being acceptable like Strome and Larssen, who may have had nagging injuries much of thea year. Others were disasters like Lucic’s last 50 games, Klef and Talbot.

    One issue that has not been discussed enough is the inability of this team to show up and do the grunt work needed to be competitive or sometimes even show up. After reviewing the seasons I get about 15 games in which the Oil were no-shows. Had they bothered to show up maybe they get say 15 more points, not enough for a playoff spot but would have been in the hunt until close to the end. We would have been discussing how playoffs were close if it hadn’t been for an out of sorts Talbot and injuries to Klef, Sekera and Larssen playoffs might have happened. Along the same line, Craig Simpson stated this week that Oil’s commitment to dzone coverage, gap control and other unglamorous grunt work required for success was not there with any degree of consistency this year. So why could this team not show up for work often enough needed to be competitive? Coaching? Leadreship?

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      b….but….if we worked harder and got 15 more points, we’d be out of the almighty running for the #1 pick at the draft….you know, that which we’ve been accustomed to caring about because the playoffs were never within reach in the last 11 of 12 years.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    wow, i had so many thumbs down it’s unbelievable !! go a kick out of how the assistant coaches and the PK and PP got almost no love. i’d like to talk to the people who put thumbs up to this and see what games they were watching this year? and there’s a vibe at Rogers? more like a morgue!!

  • Man, Oiler fans are harsh.

    Take Sekera for example. The dude comes back from what could have been a career ending injury, and fans throw him under the bus. Benning could have signed elsewhere. Brossoit wasn’t put in a position to succeed.

    Ok, that’s all I got. All the other guys got what they deserved.

      • Leo Tard

        Because he was not very good. At all. Most nights. He’s had an injury plagued career. Played 250 games now. By mid season he will have hit 300 games played. Apparently, 300 games played is the number required to know what you have in a defenceman. I shall hold my judgement on this player until the end of next season. I am pulling for Oscar, he was developed properly and hopefully he can play in our top four for a lot of years.

        • ed from edmonton

          I thought the survey was about 17/18 performance, not if life is fair if to consider what might have been if some other reality had happened. Sekera for example was brutal, we know that there were injuries involved, but it was still brutal.

  • toprightcorner

    I find it funny how it seems many people voted without actually putting thought in about it. For example, Cammaleri had 22 pts in 52 games, thats 38 pts a season and that is very good production for a 3rd line player, especially since he got him for Jokinen, who was traded again by the Kings. Sure he had a long scoring slump, but he still played a solid game and put up apples.

    Davidson trade was great, picked him up on waivers and got a 3rd round pick in return. That is great asset management.

    People overwhelmingly liked the Letestu trade but the majority didn’t like Aberg. That doesn’t even make sense. Aberg was quite productive with the Oilers since the trade deadline scoring at a 41 pt pace.

    People hat Malone, but in the few games he played in the NHL he added a lot of energy, forechecking and hit everything that moved. In 7 games he was even in +/- when the Oilers were paying their worst. He was exactly what any team wants for a short term call up.

    The funniest is how many hated the vibe at Rogers Place, since probably 90% of voters never attended a game this year.

    This is just more proof that so many of the commentors think with their heart instead of their head, or just side with the masses instead of coming up with their own logical thoughts.

    • ed from edmonton

      People are generally disgruntled about anything in orange and blue. I’m sure if the survey had included how the anthem singers did this year, it would have gotten thumbs down as well.

    • crabman

      @toprightcorner, I voted quickly and with my 1st gut reaction and I stand by my votes. The only thing I didn’t like is I voted either up or down on everything. I didn’t consider skipping a vote if I thought the player had neither a good or bad year and voted whichever I felt was slightly more true.
      I didn’t go to a game this year and would have skipped the Roger’s place atmosphere one. But because I didn’t consider note voting an option I went by everything I have read and heard, some 1st hand from friends who do go to games, and I haven’t heard one person say the in game experience/entertainment is any good. They love the facilities but the entertainment is awful. It was the same at Rexall, and when I lived in the city I did go to many of those games.
      The rest of the votes, I watched most games this year. I follow stats. I take into consideration my expectations of each player throughout the year as I evaluate the team as the season goes on. By the time this rolls around if you need to take a lot of time to think and evaluate you haven’t been paying much attention all along.

    • Snoop Scottie Dogg

      I attended three games this year in Edmonton and one in Anaheim. I was scared to fart at Roger’s because l though everyone would hear. Not to mention the usher scolding me for temporary setting my beer on the edge of the stairs beside my seat. Where are the cup holders?

  • ed from edmonton

    Watching the Bolts/Devils. Boy has Taylor Hall matured. Last minute of a losing game he snow showers teh opposition goalie and the gets into a scrum behind the net trading punches with a Bolts player. Doesn’t look like the same player who would check put the laces at the first sign of trouble when he was here. Maybe Hall needed to be traded before he would get “it”.

  • OilersBro

    I can’t wait for Klefbom to come back from his shoulder injury and be sitting top 5 next year after a 40 point season with almost no penalty minutes and a +/- of +20. I’m calling it right now – everything that seemed to go wrong with him this year was because of mechanics and him hampering an injury which leads to mental mistakes as well.
    Let’s remember that Klef didn’t want to be shut down in a lost cause of a season because he wanted to keep playing. Competitors like that find a way to bounce back when healthy