Oilers at the World Hockey Championships

Team Canada is three games into the World Hockey Championships in Denmark where they are expected to take home a gold medal *knocks on wood*. Today they have a break from games so I thought it would be a great time to give a recap on how our boys are doing overseas!

Canada is currently 2-0-1. With a shocking loss against the United States in their opening game, Canada bounced back and cleaned up Denmark and South Korea in games two and three. I say the US game was shocking because, in all honesty, I watched the first period and thought we had it in the bag. After getting distracted with some other work, coming back to the game to see them lose was heartbreaking.

The Canadians don’t appear to be in an extremely challenging pool. The United States will obviously have been their toughest competition. After taking the Americans to a shootout, they still need to face Norway, Finland, Latvia, and Germany in the preliminary round. These should all be very winnable games with our current lineup.

Speaking of the current lineup, let’s check in on our Oilers!

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid has been doing Connor McDavid things as expected. This time though, he’s wearing a Canadian jersey while doing it. He currently has one goal and six assists and is leading the team in points. Do we see a tournament MVP in his future?  Connor hasn’t been the thirty goal scorer that we saw this past season in the tournament, but he’s been the playmaker we all know and love.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins


Nuge and Connor are a deadly duo again on the ice and I’m pumped that they’ve been given the opportunity to play alongside each other. Freshly engaged to be married, Nuge has put up three goals in three games so far and has looked great doing it. 

Darnell Nurse

Darnell Nurse currently has one assist in the three games played so far with Team Canada. I’m curious to get all your thoughts on how he’s been playing in the comments below. I’ve heard some people say he’s been playing awful, and others say he’s been good for the red and white. I personally haven’t noticed him a lot out there on the ice, but he’s still making a difference. In offensively strong games where Team Canada only give up 20-25 shots, it will be difficult to judge the defencemen. Regardless, everyone needs a Nurse on the ice, and he’s our guy!

Leon Draisaitl

FYI, Leon Draisaitl doesn’t play for Team Canada, but he’s still an Oiler and I still love him and I would love to see him win a medal behind Canada! German is currently 0-1-2 in the preliminary round and hasn’t looked as good as I expected them to. My hopes in them winning a medal behind Canada is looking worse and worse every time Germany plays. Leon Draisaitl currently has one goal and four assists in three games played with Germany.

Adam Larsson

There are a lot of news hits and updates written ALL in Swedish on Adam Larsson and his time at the World’s so far. Believe it or not, I can’t understand any of them. But you don’t need to understand Swedish to know what happens in the video below. This is the greatest highlight found so far of Adam Larsson and he absolutely destroyed this player from France. Was the hit high? Maybe, (absolutely) but there was no penalty called on the play so I’m all for it!

Larsson currently has two assists in three games with Sweden. The Swedes are undefeated after three games and will be challenging Russia, the USA, and Canada for the gold medal.

Andrej Sekera

Slovakia won their first game today! We should all be very proud of the young group. Although they’re not projected to have any success this tournament, we’re still rooting for our boy Reggie! Andrej Sekera currently has one goal and two assists in the three games he’s played so far.