ICYMI: McDavid’s seeing eye pass to lead CAN to the semi-finals

Connor McDavid did it again folks. Just when we needed it, Captain Clutch steps up to deliver an absolute insane pass to Ryan O’Reilly for the overtime winning goal this morning. This goal advanced Canada through to the semi-finals where they will take on Switzerland.

To say that Connor threaded the needle here is an understatement. He’s had a lot of beautiful assists in his day, but for some reason I can’t seem to stop watching this one.

Just when you think there’s no way he can get the pass through to O’Reilly, he throws the puck between the Russian defenceman’s legs while making it look like a textbook tape-to-tape pass. Connor’s smile and celebration afterwards is something I feel like I haven’t seen in a long time. His excitement is contagious and makes me want to go adopt a bunch of puppies.

Connor McDavid finished the game with three apples to add to his tournament lead in points. One of the assists was to Nuge’s goal which makes me even more excited for some more McNuge action next season in an Oilers jersey. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself though. We’ve got a lot more McNuge action to watch this tournament! Canada will take on Switzerland on Saturday in the sem-finals as they upset Finland earlier this morning. Meanwhile in the other semi-final, Sweden will take on the USA.