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Looking back at the 7-15th picks from the 2015 NHL Draft

Can you believe that we’re already eight years into our Draft countdown? Including today’s list, we’ll have looked at 72 NHL prospects that were selected within the 7-15th range to see if there are any patterns or lessons that we can learn when it comes to the 10th overall pick that’s coming up in June. Is it even possible to think about an upcoming Draft based on what’s happened in the past? We shall see.

Today, we dive into the 2015 McDraft.

Ivan Provorov (7) – D – Philadelphia Flyers

2017-18 Season: 82GP – 17G, 24A for 41 points
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Philadelphia Flyers): 82: 6G, 24A for 30 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

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“Provorov was one of the best defenders available in the 2015 NHL Draft, and now he is Philadelphia’s most talented blue line prospect. A lot is expected from the young defenseman, who brings offensive skills, good skating ability and high hockey IQ. While Provorov can aid with offense, he plays a 200-foot game and is a physical defender.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 82 17 24 41 20 17 6 0 3 3 0
NHL Totals 164 23 48 71 54 6 0 3 3 0

Zach Werenski (8) – D – Columbus Blue Jackets

2017-18 Season: 77GP – 16G, 21A for 37 points
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Columbus Blue Jackets): 78GP – 11G, 36A for 47 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Werenski is a high-end defenseman. His understanding of the intricacies of playing defense shouldn’t be understated, nor is his smooth skating stride or elite vision. Werenski moves the puck carefully, and has the wheels to skate himself out of trouble. He is a calculated, cerebral blueliner.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Columbus Blue Jackets NHL 77 16 21 37 16 8 6 1 2 3 2
NHL Totals 155 27 57 84 30 9 2 2 4 2

Timo Meier (9) – RW – San Jose Sharks

2017-18 Season: 81GP – 21G, 15A for 36 points
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ San Jose Sharks): 34GP – 3G, 3A for six points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“A big and strong forward who can skate, Meier was one of the more improved forwards in the QMJHL over the course of the 2014-15 season. He is already 6’1” and over 200 pounds, and he takes full advantage of that size by using it to get to the net and clear out space for both himself and his teammates effectively. He’s at his best when playing along the boards in the offensive zone, utilizing the cycle game. He is also a big game player, having looked his best at the BMO Top Prospects game in 2014-15, a year in which he also finished second in the CHL with 10 game-winning goals.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 San Jose Sharks NHL 81 21 15 36 51 2 10 2 3 5 10
NHL Totals 115 24 18 42 61 15 2 3 5 12

Mikko Rantanen (10) – RW – Colorado Avalanche

2017-18 Season: NHL: 81GP – 29-55-84
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Colorado Avalanche): 75GP – 20G, 18A for 38 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“He possesses a competitive motor, engages physically and wants to make a difference on every shift – all projectable character skills. Rantanen owns the size and willingness to engage physically in board battles and is efficient in high-traffic areas handling the puck. Beyond these impressive offensive attributes, Rantanen is a workhorse competitor, never giving up on a play.”

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2017-18 Colorado Avalanche NHL 81 29 55 84 34 0 6 0 4 4 0
 NHL Totals 165 49 73 122 58 6 0 4 4 0

Lawson Crouse (11) – LW – Florida Panthers

2017-18 Season: 11GP – 1G, 0A for one point
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Arizona Coyotes): 72GP – 5G, 7A for 12 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Crouse is a big, physical winger who protects the puck well, effectively using his frame to overpower opponents at the junior level. He can forecheck and cycle the puck better than most, if not all, his age and is an adept defensive forward. Crouse isn’t the fastest skater but his skating is far from a weakness, and, despite concerns over his offensive ability, he has a quick shot and uses his size to clean up any garbage in front of the net.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 Arizona Coyotes NHL 11 1 0 1 7 -6
2017-18 Tucson Roadrunners AHL 56 15 17 32 70 3
NHL Totals 83 6 7 13 55

Denis Gurianov (12) – RW – Dallas Stars

2017-18 Season: AHL: 74GP – 19G, 15A for 34 points
Rookie Season: Maybe next year

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Guryanov is a complete player without obvious weaknesses and is one of the top talents from Russia amongst his peers. While he can improve his defensive game and awareness, he tries to play a 200-foot game, getting back on defense and helping out his linemates. Technically sound like most Russian prospects, Guryanov is gifted with good size and skating, attributes that make him a very intriguing young player and a prospective scoring line player in the NHL.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 Texas Stars AHL 74 19 15 34 11 -10
NHL Totals 1 0 0 0 0

Jakub Zboril (13) – D – Boston Bruins

2017-18 Season: AHL: 68GP – 4G, 15A for 19 points
Rookie Season: Still waiting for one

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Zboril is one of the more NHL-ready defensemen playing in the CHL. The Czech native is a quick-moving skater who can get up and down the ice with ease and plays a sound defensive game. At 6’2” and 185 pounds, he doesn’t lack size and isn’t afraid to play a physical game. He is an above-average offensive defenseman at the junior level. Zboril owns a booming shot that can help a team’s power-play and is good at making proper outlet passes.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Providence Bruins AHL 68 4 15 19 38 12 4 0 0 0 2

Jake DeBrusk (14) – LW – Boston Bruins

Rookie Season (2017-18 w/ Boston Bruins): 70GP – 16G, 27A for 43 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

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“DeBrusk was a consistent scoring threat all season long. His value to the Broncos became glaringly apparent when he was injured in the post-season and missed the last four periods of a first round sweep against the Regina Pats. DeBrusk can compete physically across the WHL, skates very well and knows how to find scoring areas in the attacking zone. Perhaps the purest goal scorer among the WHL’s draft-eligible forwards in 2015.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Boston Bruins NHL 70 16 27 43 19 13 12 6 2 8 8
NHL Totals 70 16 27 43 19 12 6 2 8 8

Zachary Senyshyn (15) – RW – Boston Bruins

2017-18 Season: AHL: 66GP – 12G, 14A for 26 points
Rookie Season: Nah, not yet.

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Senyshyn played behind a lot of talented players with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds last year but still managed to be a dependable producer with less playing time than he would get elsewhere. Thanks to his trademark determination and strong skating, he is always tough to defend one-on-one.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Providence Bruins AHL 66 12 14 26 14 3 4 0 1 1 0


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Ah yes, the 2015 Draft. What a time to be alive, amirite? Frankly, by the time the 7-15 picks were made, I was so drunk at our McDraft party that I really didn’t remember much about who went where apart from knowing that Barzal went at #16 with the pick that once belonged to the Oilers. Fortunately, this countdown focuses only on the 7-15 picks from that draft year so I didn’t have to include his ridiculous rookie season numbers to make me mad again. Yeah, I know, I know the Oilers weren’t going to use the pick on him anyway, which is a completely different problem in itself but that’s a story for another day. Today’s story has to do with the guys selected in the mid-first round and whether or not that affects our thinking when it comes to the 10th pick at the Draft coming up in Dallas.

From where I blog, I still see a cluster of valuable assets that are likely to add to the long term benefit of the organization more so than trading it for a (likely) overpriced veteran with who knows how long left on their deal. That said, who knows what kind of wheeling and dealing that Chiarelli is doing behind the scenes and maybe this will be the trade that shows us his true bartering skills and blows us all away with its beauty! Dare to dream? What do you guys think?


  • Fire Woodcroft!

    These looks back at the past draft years are great. All of the answers to the Oilers different weaknesses have been shown that be able to be found in picks 7 – 15 with proper scouting and patience.

    It’s honestly a shame what we could have had if the Reinhart trade hadn’t happened. That’s the sort of regrets you get if you’re dumb enough to force the ‘win now at all costs’ strategy.

    I really hope we’re not looking back in three or four years saying ‘geez we should have kept that 10th pick in 2018’…

    • crabman

      If the picks were traded for Hamilton like Chiarelli was trying we probably wouldn’t be complaining about him moving the picks. He would have been the RHD we covered and Hall never would have needed to be traded and Lucic never would have been signed as Hall’s replacement as a top6 LW. When Chiarelli didn’t get the man he wanted instead of staying patient he made a desperation move for Rienhart and we all know how that turned out.

    • TruthHurts98

      If only we didn’t hire PC. He’s taken any chance this team had of contending to making us bottom 5-10 again. And Cap Hell is here. This team is losing depth and the idiot is still more than capable of making more bad trades to try to fix the mess he created. #becauseOilers

        • OriginalPouzar

          Gregor is wrong, well, he’s wrong in his intepretation of “cap hell”, in my opinion. We have enough cap space to re-sign our RFAs and replace our outgoign roster players (Cammy, Slep, Pak) with 3 players for under $1M each. That takes us to $80M factoring in the Pouliot buyout and $1.25m bonus cushion for Jesse.

          There is no cap space to improve via acquisition – I think that’s called “cap hell” when you are a team that didn’t make the playoffs.

          • crabman

            *apologies for the copy and paste*


            “Using Gregor’s numbers in the article;
            Forwards $37.075
            defence $17.833
            goal $6.66
            Pouliot $1.33
            UFA winger $2
            Sproul $750K
            4 RFAs $9.8
            adds up to $75.45M with 2 forwards to sign. No this doesn’t include a bonus cushion for Puljujarvi but it does leave $4.55M for that cushion and 2 bottom roster forwards with an $80M salary cap.”

            If we allow for a $1M bonus cushion for Puljujarvi this still leaves $3.55M for the 13th 14th forwards. Should be able to get that done for $1.6-1.8M leaving a $1.75M cushion for the trade deadline or to add to the $2M Gregor estimated for a veteran top6 winger. They also have the option to trade Kassian and replace his 4RW position with a player under $1M and save an additional $1M.
            There isn’t room for a big free agent signing but with a healthy D and return to at least league average goaltending and this team is much better than last year. The Oilers aren’t in cap hell. They won’t be trading a highly skilled player, like Nuge and his $6M, this year to get under the cap.

  • crabman

    I wonder who would need to fall in the draft to 10 for Philadelphia to consider moving up using the 14th and 19th? I would consider moving the 10th for a chance to draft 2 of, Farabee, Wild, Mekley, McIsaac, Lundestrome, Smith, or Kupari. All could be available at 14 and at least a couple will still be there at 19. The true elite players will be gone by 3-5 but if someone Philly really likes might fall to 10 there could be a trade there. Maybe not straight up but the building blocks of a trade.

      • crabman


        The way Dobson’s stock seems to be rising I think there is a better chance he goes top 5 than fall to 10. For as little as I actually know about the prospects I would trade Kotkaniemi for Farabee and another on this list preferably a defenceman. Fill 2 prospect positions with high skill rather than just 1. Considering Kotkaniemi’s stock has been on the rise from outside some rankings top 20 to inside the top 10 in the matter of months. I’d rather make a bet on 2 guys who have been considered better or equal prospects all along. There are still a fair amount of draft misses in this range and would prefer 2 shots in the top 20 to get it right.

      • crabman


        You’re sarcasm isn’t lost on me.
        I personally know nothing about most of the players in this years draft. But I read as much as I can, from various sources who are paid to scout, about the prospects and see that all the so called scouting experts have varying opinions on who will go where. The Oilers are in need of building their prospect pool and adding young skill. Unless the player at 10 is heads and shoulders above players 14-19 why not entertain the idea of adding 2 skilled prospects over 1?
        Just throwing ideas out there on this boring Wedesday morning. If you have any actual input I’m sure we, the Oilersnation community, would love to hear it. That’s why I come here, to read the articles and have discussion.

  • Muddy

    So heres a little ditty I just became aware of:

    In the trade for Montoya with Montreal it was a conditional 5th round pick with the possibility of a 4th round pick if he played 7 or more games. The result is Montreal received a 4th round pick from the Oilers because yes you guessed it he played a total of 7 games. I know its just swapping bananas for bananas but who knows if that 4th round pick would’ve been better than the 5th. To me when you are out of the playoff picture why on God’s green earth would you play Montoya for that 7th game? This is just another simple example of poor execution by this management team.

    • Spydyr

      I mentioned this a few times when it was happening. The kicker is if he waited a week Chia could of picked Montoya or a another back-up up off of waivers for next too nothing.

      Then they sign an unproven KHL goalie for 2.5 Million.

      Because Oilers.

      • TruthHurts98

        And fans blindly assume he’ll sign Nurse to a value contract when he overpays players by an average of 1.5 – 2 million a season. So guess what? Nurse is getting paid big bucks or getting shipped out. DOD 2.0 as long as PC and Nicholson are here. Sigh. #becauseOilers

        • Reg Dunlop

          Just because a GM hasn’t taken a team from ‘historically bad’ to the Stanley Cup in 3 years he should be shot off into the sun. Right. I’m sure that this was your opinion last year at this time.