Real Life Podcast Episode 78 – Freecycling

On this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast, the boys welcomed a special guest, Chris Chalmers, to the show to fill in for the Squire, talk sports, break down Oilers rumours, and give some insight on what’s happening with the new podcast studio!

With the Squire out of the office, the boys needed to bring in a third to make sure that they stayed on track. Thankfully, Chalmers, a longtime friend of Wanye and Squire, has a long history with the boys and plenty of stories to go along with it. With that in mind, they wanted to get to the bottom of who Chalmers is and what he’s doing on the podcast so Wanye briefly walked through their history together, including stories of building a bar together, running pub crawls, and the history of the Nation. With that out of the way, the boys got down to business with a run through of some of the most ridiculous Oilers rumours that have been circling social media. Lastly, we got a glimpse into the future as the boys covered the upcoming construction of a new podcast studio for not only the Real Life Podcast but for a soon to be launched Oilersnation Podcast and anyone else that might need a place to record. Needless to say, there are big plans coming down the chute.

Check out this week’s episode here:

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