McDavid inspiring new skating techniques in NHL 19

If you asked me how Connor McDavid has changed the game of hockey I could probably spend the rest of the summer telling you. You can add one more way to that list now, as EA Sports is now adding a Real Player Motion (RPM) feature to NHL 19 that is inspired directly from Connor.

Cool right? As put by EA Sports:

RPM delivers Explosive-Edge skating that enables more control, acceleration, and creativity up and down the ice.

Who better to base this new feature off of than the best skater in the world? Watching Connor skate is a blessing in itself and I would gladly pay any amount of money* to just watch the guy skate around with no pucks in an empty rink. The fact that they’re incorporating his skating methods into a video game seems super cool to me. Have I mentioned that Connor McDavid is an Edmonton Oiler?

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*max $30

To have some sort of impact on the way the game plays and the skating is pretty special. When you get a couple crossovers going, that’s when I feel like I’m really, really moving.

-Connor McDavid

I think last year was the first time I ever skipped buying the EA Sports NHL game so I know the feeling of waiting patiently for September to roll around so you can make the midnight release of the new game every year. Even though 97 isn’t on the cover this year, it seems like the game is still focussed on him now with this new skating technology. Will you be lining up to purchase NHL 19? Let me know in the comments so I know how many people I have to fight off with elbows when the time comes.



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  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Wait, wait, wait. Of all the NHL games you could skip out on buying, you skip out on the one with CONNOR MCDAVID as the cover athlete!?

    I kid. Honestly I’m not sure what to think of the NHL franchise now. I made a promise to myself to own as many of them as I can, hence I have 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, ’06, ’08, 14, 16, 17, 18, but some of the decisions by EA now are stupid. The AI isn’t always the greatest, goalie mode sucks ass (because you can’t really play like a real life goalie, what with BS goals and whatnot), the BAP mode works ONLY if you impress your coaches as opposed to actual stats, GM mode can be hard to do, and it’s simulation engine is unpredictable. I’ll still get NHL19, but my expectations are low. As Johnny Superbman says “$79.99 PLEASE!”

      • Loil

        I’m actually in the same boat. I had bought most of the previous year editions but for whatever reason never got around to getting NHL 18 with McDavid on the cover.

        Maybe it was because I had another kid, maybe it was because I was playing Breath Of The Wild or maybe it was because I still hadn’t even completed campaign mode in NHL 17, i’m not sure.

          • PandaBearJelly

            Honestly, I skipped out on purpose last year. I almost caved a few times due to the cover but honestly, it wasn’t worth the upgrade from 17. Every change they made from the previous year was completely superficial. I’m hoping this year will be worth it with the upgrades to the various engines.

  • tomger

    I own every single game in the series going back to nhlpa and I can tell you it’s not worth buying every year the engine needs a full overhaul and there’s always a cheesy way to score in online play that being said see you in the lineup Chris on a side note one of the coolest features they had was in NHL 97 exclusive to the Sega Saturn they had 1st person mode

  • belair

    Good to see EA’s working on more pointless garbage.

    I look forward to their fluidly skating forwards having the puck knocked off of their stick only to roll helplessly between the sieve goaltender’s legs each and every game. Of course that won’t be until it’s in the EA vault.

    EA Sports. It’s still the same.