Photo Credit: Cam McDavid

Connor McDavid sinks a hole in one

According to Cam McDavid’s Instagram story, Connor McDavid could have a career in golf coming up when his hockey life is over because the Oilers’ captain just sunk a hole in one.

When you watch Cam’s story, it starts off by the McDavid boys walking up to the hole to confirm that the ball had actually gone into the hole, almost like they didn’t expect it to be in there. Considering this is Connor McDavid we’re talking about, there should have been very little doubt about what happened. Am I surprised that he got a hole in one? Hell no! This dude is an all-world talent on the ice and it’s not the least bit surprising to see him cash one in on the golf course as well. Either way, getting a hole in one is cool as hell and I wanted to take a minute to give the guy some props for it.

Sure, there is always a little bit of luck that goes into a getting a hole in one, but there’s also a lot of talent that is needed there too. Personally, I’ve never come within 30 feet of hitting a hole in one and I’m including the countless rounds of pitch and putt that my boys and I have played over the years. Frankly, if I get anywhere close to the green, or even landing in the fairway for that matter, then I consider that a win. But I’m not Connor McDavid, and I don’t have the eagle vision (or hole in one vision in this case) that he does so it’s not fair to compare my mere genetic failings to the superpowers he possesses.

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Congrats on the hole in one, Connor. You’re ridiculously good at sports and I tip my golf visor to you. Well done.