Nation Donair Tour – Amean Pizza & Donair

We back!

Welcome back to episode three of the Nation Donair Tour, bringing  you reviews from every donair shop in the City of Edmonton and surrounding area. That’s right, we’re searching for the 97 of all donairs and we’re destined to find it. After many recommendations, we decided to stop at Amean Pizza & Donair (3450 99 St NW) this week.

In order to step up our Donair reviews, we needed to bring in the big guns. That’s why we asked Yukon Jack from 100.3 The Bear to join us on our trip! Yukon knows the inside and out of a donair like no other man. He even makes his own donairs at home! If that’s not love for the food then I don’t know what is.

Overall, the boys concluded that Amean Donair was the best donair to-date on the tour. In my opinion, the biggest takeaway from Amean donair, was that the donair is good to eat while sober. You don’t need to save them for a 2AM drunk visit. You can pop by for lunch, and not feel like crap for the rest of the day. That’s what you want to see in a donair, right?

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Watch the video below and see for yourself. Amean Donair doesn’t kid around with this stuff. Please remember to comment below with your favourite donair shop and recommendation of where we should go next.



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  • Shameless Plugger

    Baba’s donair 167 ave 109 st. Hands down my favourite donair shop. The pita is soft yet not soggy. The sweet sauce is thick but not paste and if your a little adventurous with your donair you might try the mixed. Half chicken have horse meat or whatever the meat is. Simply delicious and the staff are always friendly. Even when you slumber your words they seem to get it right. Giver a go. I’d even volunteer as your personal guide through this donair heaven.

  • JustinO.YVR

    High Voltage Food and Coffee Bar has the best donairs I’ve ever eaten. They come in a variety of sauces (sweet is the best) and use a special spice blend when grilling the wrap. First place I go to eat when coming home to visit.

  • claythor87

    absolutely need to try Mainas donair in Beaumont. Aside from the amazing donair, they are die hard Oiler fans and have memorabilia on the walls. Must try it out.

  • The Dave

    You need to go back and try the pizza at Amean, because it might be even better. People rarely order it but it is definitely on the short list for best pizza in the city.

  • Expansive Dust

    Best Donair in the city is Queen Donair on Stoney Plain rd and 156st. It’s the closest I have found to a Halifax donair. I have tried all of the others and the only other one that is somewhat close is Swiss.