One Minute Men – Predators vs Oilers (October 20, 2018)

Welcome to our first weekend edition of One Minute Men! 

What is One Minute Men you ask? Wel,l it’s where Cooom and I do our best to re-iterate Jason Gregor’s game day notes in under sixty seconds! Why? We do it for all you visual learners out there. If you haven’t read Jason’s game day notes you can find them here. Again, his notes are much more detailed then what we give you in this video.

We did things a little differently today because Cam is on the other side of Canada for the weekend in Toronto and I was at home getting my Saturday routine on. Thankfully for technology, we were still able to shoot this episode.

The Oilers have a big game ahead of themselves tonight as beating the tough Nashiville Predators would bring the club two games over a .500 record which would be unheard of around these parts. Here’s hoping Connor McDavid does Connor McDavid things, and he can get some more help from his teammates around him.

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Think we can get the job done in under 60 seconds? Watch the video below to find out!

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