Inside The Nation: Why do linesmen jump in so early, Valentin Zykov, and the struggling powerplay

Our boy Dustin Nielson is back with another episode of Inside The Nation! In case you missed his live Facebook video this afternoon, I’ve got you covered with a recap, and the video itself.

With a huge Battle of Alberta win last night, Dustin Nielson broke down what he saw from our winning Oilers, including Mikko Koskinen. In case you didn’t know, Koskinen is now 6-0 this season at home with three shutouts. It has already been announced that Mikko is starting next game, so Dusty breaks down what he imagines the goalie situation looking like over the next week, as we have two back-to-back games coming up soon.

A very popular subject amongst Oilersnation lately has been the lack of scoring, yet good play of Milan Lucic. Dusty talks on this and also gives his prediction on when we can expect Milan Lucic’s next goal! When do YOU think Milan will score next? It has to be before the New Year, right? Either way, Milan has been playing some good hockey lately. So good, that Dusty thinks we saw his best game of the season last night against the Flames.

Other topics discussed include our struggling powerplay and what we should do to fix it. Do we spread the skill out onto our second powerplay? Do we add Jujhar Khaira on the top line? Jesse Puljujarvi? Or does the whole powerplay system, in general, need a change up?

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At the end of the video, Dusty spoke about why he thinks linesmen have been stepping in to break up fights so early this year (especially Milan Lucic’s fight last night), as well as Sam Bennett’s moustache. Before he gave away another sample pack of hot sauce courtesy of Get Sauced to one of the commenters, Dusty answers the most important question of the day: What do you think of Zykov so far?

Watch the video below!

Check out the live edition of Inside the Nation on the Oilersnation Facebook page every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MT.


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  • Steve26

    So this maybe covered in the video since I haven’t had time to watch the entire thing yet, but with the linesmen stepping in, I’ve noticed it seems to happen when a player loses their helmet. Could be wrong, and also maybe Dustin mentions this, but that’s something I’ve noticed.

  • Arfguy

    I honestly would take RNH out of the 1st unit PP. He seems much more comfortable on his own than he did when he was on McDavid’s wing. He may have 1 or 2 PP goal, meaning that he doesn’t seem to shoot that much. Same with McDavid and Draisaitl…although, I think Draisaitl is more of a shooter than McDavid is.

    Honestly, I’d try the 1st unit PP with as: Matt Benning on point, Zykov on the left boards, Draisaitl on the right boards, Chiasson on near the net and McDavid as the roamer. Despite having 1 goal, I find Benning to be much more of a shooting threat than Klefbom. In the very little I have seen of Zykov, I do like his stick handling and I think he’d be better suited on than Puljujarvi.

    Second unit, I’d go: Klefbom on point, Puljujarvi on the left boards, Rattie near the net, Spooner on the right board and RNH as the roamer