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Salute to Alex Chiasson for setting a new career high in goals

In last night’s 4-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers, Alex Chiasson set himself a new career high in goals with 14 after he scored midway through the first period to get the Oilers on the board. Best PTO ever?

When the Oilers brought Alex Chiasson in on a PTO back in early September, not a whole lot was really expected of him in terms of production. Last year with the Caps, he had scored nine goals in 61 games which is nothing to scoff at for a bottom-six guy, but it was certainly nothing like the heater he’s on now. For me, Chiasson had just won a Cup with the Capitals, knew how to play responsible hockey, and if he chipped in offensively from time to time then that would be gravy. I was looking forward to seeing a veteran guy with experience come in and lock down a spot in the bottom six, and maybe, just maybe play the kind of minutes that would help them win a few more games. An experienced winger that happens to be right-handed? Forget about it. That was a solid bet that I was happy to see the team make.

Fast forward a few months and Alex Chiasson has moved from being a healthy scratch to start the season to snagging a spot on the top line with Connor and Leon. I call that the ‘Reverse Rattie.’ Since being put up there, I think Chia’s son has fit in so well because he’s smart enough to figure out that he doesn’t have to get fancy when riding shotgun with the two best passers on the team — just get open and keep your stick on the ice. Obviously, the 30% clip he’s shooting at right now won’t last, though I do hope he keeps putting in every third shot forever, but for now, I think we can all appreciate the timely goals he’s scoring and that he’s helping the team win. Last night against Philly, Chiasson did more of the same of what has been working for him all year as he found a quiet spot in the zone and was ready to fire when the puck came to him. When Leon found him, Chiasson was ready.

And in only his 27th game of the season, Alex Chiasson set a new career high in goals scored.

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Check it out:

Congrats on the new career high, Alex! We’re all cheering for you to smash your career high, but also that you do us a favour and don’t ask Peter for all of the money because he just might give it to you.

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