Real Life Podcast Episode 103: Hotel Catfished

Welcome, friends, to a very special episode of the Real Life Podcast! This week, we’ve got an intercontinental crew coming together to with the Squire checking in from Bondi Beach, Australia. On this week’s episode, the boys dive into how the Oilers performed over the weekend and got some updates from Jay as he starts his vacation down under.

To start off the 103rd episode of the Real Life Podcast, Jay talks about getting scammed out of $700 by Internet shysters that pulled some scandalous shenanigans with his hotel room. Fortunately, things aren’t all bad as his view of Bondi Beach is beautiful and his plans for a Christmas down under were more than enough to make the boys jealous. With Jay off the phone and back to his Aussie adventure, Baggedmilk and Wanye turn to more important matters such as how they’re wasting their time on Instagram. Honestly, though, how could they not be excited when Daddy Long Neck releases a brand new track with Wide Neck that is taking the Internet by storm? As you’d expect, the Instagram conversation leads Wanye and Baggedmilk down a rabbit hole of pure randomness that they can’t ever get themselves out of.

Check out the full episode below:

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