The top 5 Connor McDavid goals of 2018

The year 2018 is wrapping up and we’ve seen some remarkable things from our captain. He’s made some beautiful passes, scored some beautiful goals, and has had some beautiful celly’s throughout the year. As part of our year-end Oilers recap, I’m here to bring you the best five Connor McDavid goals of 2018.

In case you missed it, I recapped the top ten Connor McDavid goals from the 2017-18 season here. He’s scored a bunch more goals in the first half of this season that I had to go through, and I loved every minute of it. Choosing my favourite Connor McDavid goals has to be one of my favourite parts of this job. Enough chatter, let’s get into it.

Here are the top five!

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#5 – October 30th vs Wild

This goal recently scored against the Wild is a classic Connor goal if you ask me. A defenceman shoots the puck off the glass out of our end and into the neutral zone for Connor McDavid to pick up. With speed, Connor outskates every other man on the ice and blows by the goaltender to score an easy goal. Yes, this goal looks super easy for Connor, but only a handful of players in the NHL can actually pull this off.

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#4 – February 1st vs Avalanche

I love that Connor McDavid has a baseball-style goal in his highlight pack. This goal is great because he’s already moving so fast, and has to make the split decision to bat the puck out of the air while simultaneously trying not to crash into the end-boards. What I love so much is the fact that all five goals on this list look extremely casual coming from Connor. I couldn’t dream of scoring these type of goals in the National Hockey League.

#3 – March 1st vs Predators

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like this goal is extremely hard for an average player to pull off. Connor McDavid makes it look so easy, and that’s why it’s so high on top of my list.

The reason I appreciate the goal so much is how Connor out-waited all six guys who were in the scrum waiting for the puck to drop. He then swung in casually to pick the puck out of all the skates and completed the play with a filthy dangle around the goaltender. This was an extra filthy dangle because Connor was essentially standing still just inches away from the goalie with no space to move. He used his quick feet and hands to walk around the goalie while the nine other players on the ice basked in his glory.

#2 – December 1st vs Golden Knights

This is by far the best goal of Connor’s season so far. For him to pick up the puck along the wall while spinning around and staying onside, only to continue at full speed past both defencemen just amazes me. For all we know, Connor could probably perform a triple sow cow while skating through the neutral zone and not even miss a beat. He finishes off the goal with some quick hands and leaves Fleury no chance at a save. Amazing!

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#1 – February 5th vs Lightning

Remember this goal? Remember this game? Connor scored four goals in it in case you forgot, and one of them was this beautiful thing. How he scored the goal from such a bad angle is beyond me. He makes it look so effortless and suave. I’ve must have watched this goal over 100 times since February and it will never get old.
Do you think I got this ranking right? Let me know in the comments. I’m looking forward to doing this over and over again for the rest of Connor’s career!