Real Life Podcast Episode 107: Overripe Defined

It’s been a busy week in Oiler-land with the firing of Peter Chiarelli being announced late Tuesday night and the boys had plenty to discuss as they tried to figure out what comes next.

Since last week’s episode came out, the Oilers made a significant change to their front office with the firing of Peter Chiarelli and the question became whether or not the boys would have calmed down in the days that followed. The answer? No. Not they did not calm down. In fact, all three of the fellas were likely just as fired up as they were on the day the news broke, and it was the remaining management that few their ire. Now that Peter Chiarelli is gone does that mean that the problems have been solved? Is there more to the Oilers’ current woes than the work of one man? To say that the guys have questions about what happens next despite the firing of the GM would be an understatement, and those questions translated into an Real Life Podcast episode that you won’t want to miss.

Check out the full episode below:

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  • FutureGM

    Liked the podcast. I would really like appreciate a response about the following item. A lot of the discussion is the team is awful outside of Nuge, Connor and Leon. I’m there with you but posit the following. The majority of teams have ‘crap’ players flushing out their roster. Even the fLames, who are killing it this year, have their 6th highest scorer getting 27pts in 51 games.
    I get there are really deep teams like the Jets and Lightning, but we should be aware that lopsided rosters are the norm in the new NHL.
    If our 3rd and 4th lines can play even, not outscore anyone, just play even then our team will succeed as we have two 100pt guys on the top two lines that are paid to outscore the other teams top lines. Redefining success for players in the bottom six we may learn to love lines like the ‘identity line’ who couldn’t score but were always in the other end killing time and wearing down Dmen.
    Reframe the conversation and our roster isn’t awful. Contender, no. But in the infamous words of Lloyd Christmas “So you’re saying their is a chance”