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Puljujarvi looking for second opinion on injury

The very strange Jesse Puljujarvi saga continues. According to Jason Gregor, Jesse Puljujarvi’s camp is seeking a “second opinion” on his supposed injury that the Oilers described as “long term.”

First of all, per Ryan Rishaug, Ken Hitchcock said that Puljujarvi’s lower body injury was a “long-term” thing. He wouldn’t go into any further detail. Jim Matheson expanded on the news, reporting that Puljujarvi might need surgery. If he does have surgery, it would almost certainly end his 2018-19 season.

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Shortly after, Gregor reported that Puljujarvi’s camp is seeking a second opinion from another doctor on the injury.

This whole thing is strange. The injury sort of came out of nowhere, as Puljujarvi was randomly placed on the Injured Reserve last weekend. This happened shortly after Puljujarvi’s agent came out and suggested a divorce between his client and the Oilers might be the best path forward.

NHL players have the right per the NHLPA to seek a second opinion on an injury to determine whether or not they’re healthy enough to play. From Puljujarvi’s perspective, as I speculated last weekend, his camp may want him playing the remainder of the season to maximize the bonuses on the final year of his entry-level contract. Of course, that’s just my speculation.

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Another unfortunate wrinkle with this whole situation is that Puljujarvi must remain on the Injured Reserve until after he receives his second opinion. That means he’ll be on the IR past the deadline to send players to the AHL, so he won’t be able to join the Bakersfield Condors for their playoff run. Could Puljujarvi’s camp be using this in order to resist being sent down to the AHL?

It isn’t uncommon players seek second opinions on injuries. The ones we see in the news are situations like Joffrey Lupul, who the Leafs have stashed on the Long-Term Injured Reserve for years, but these happen frequently. Still, given all that’s gone on the past few weeks, this points to a lack of trust between the Oilers and Puljujarvi’s camp and furthers the idea that a divorce between both sides seems inevitable.

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2018-19 46 4 5 9 -14 16 1 53 7.5
NHL Career 139 17 20 37 -10 40 3 4 2 230 7.4

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 2/22/2019 – 12:21 pm MT

  • Leichs

    Alright enough of this overgrown child. We have enough drama here as it is. Just get this guy outta here and move on. Its just getting ridiculous. Dont want to play in the A when you clearlt arent good enough for the show? Catch the next flight out to Europe. Guy has 0 hockey IQ, dont care how old he is.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    The whole optics and timing of him going on IR and eveything that came out from his agent about Jesse’s going elsewhee may be bette fo team and Jesse just make this whole thing into a spectacle. Jesse’s agent should have stayed silent, he did nothing that will help facilitate a trade, he just made his client look like he was pouting and if fifnt get what he wanted , then a trade was needed. The Oilers PR department when they put Jesse ON IR could have came out and said Jesse’s was out with an injury and will need to be further evaluated on his injury and will be updated. Instead all it did was add more gas to the fire and speculation, cause he really if he has that significant of an injury that make him next to impossible to trade for a puck right now. The Oilers as an organisation are a mess and the way all this has been handled has been very poor, The Oilers need a good shake up thought out the organisation not just the players on the ice

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Honestly if Jesse is really hurt why keep playing him? If he further aggravates his injury o makes it worse, he could be out even longer and miss the start of camp. His agent may want him to hit the magic numbers so he gets his share of that bonus money, but I see no reason to keep playing him if he is that hurting, he isnt exactly killing it and putting up a ton of points, this whole thing is right out there in bizzaro land

    • Randaman

      Simple really, when your leadership (Management) if you can call it that, SUCKS, there is obviously a trickle down effect throughout the team/organization. Nuff said…

  • Oily Reign

    It’s looking more and more like JP and his agent have hurt his development as much as the incompetence of this management team. Trade him for Laine, I heard he’s not scoring either.

  • Ass Eatn Szn 69

    this is on player, agent, coach and management, everyone of them has hindered his development.

    It started with the deal between the agent and team to have him burn a year on his ELC by playing 40 in the nhl in his first year and than to the AHL so he wouldnt go back to finland. Team and agent should know better and know that he should have been in one or the other and not the nhl. Now the player is likely to never become what he should have been costing him millions of dollars. Agent should be fired!

  • Ass Eatn Szn 69

    so heres another thing, he cant go down again next year after waivers. His value is at an all time low. so now the oilers will not benefit from trading him, and he will spend his career in Finland, or can play 8 minutes a night here. His agent is an idiot. They should have accepted bakersfield when they could have.

    • ed from edmonton

      There is certainly a lot of smoke that suggests JP has been doing what he can to maximize his earnings which means avoiding the AHL. His 39 game cameo in 16/17 made no sense unless it was some agreement so that JP did not play that year in the KHL. Last year when asked why JP wasn’t being played up the line up TMac stated he already is being played up the line up, that is TMac basically stating JP should be in the AHL. Now this.

      • Ass Eatn Szn 69

        exactly what it is, he was staying to play in LIGA and not AHL, so they had an agreement to pay 40 games at nhl paycheck and burn a year of his ELC before being sent down. Any fool can see this. His agent thought he was maximizing JPs earnings and all it did was cost him.

        However the organization is just as resposible. Would it have killed him to stay in Finland another year. No. But the brass knows best. Than when you keep him here you play him with plugs who cant skate and give him 8 minutes a night. Dear God. Every last one of them is stupid.

        Tampa has a terrible rated prospect pool, but i bet more of them become decent NHL players than all our higher round picks.

        The GM pay check and letter should read…..

        Dear Mr. Yzerman, please place a number where the XXs are and the job is yours,

        Pay to the order of (Steve YZERMAN)


      This one is on the player. Zero hockey i.q and no willingness to play physical. Does well in the AHL bc he doesn’t need to try hard. He’s better than those players. He’s not good enough for the NHL right now and shows no sign that he wants to work on his game. I’m guessing it’s bc his agent is pumping his tires so as to get the most NHL money for himself, not what’s best for his client long term. He’ll follow the exact path of Yak. Bounce around the league for one or two teams then end up playing back in Finland. A truly piss poor pick.
      The was everything this team has looked for for decades, instead they blow the farm on a broken refrigerator in Lucic and a stalled man-boy in Jesse. Classic Oil.

          • Leichs

            Lmao 7 likes 2 trashes. Pump the breaks there oil fans. The guy has had ONE effective game against us in like two years. Mcd and drai will haunt the flames a lot more than matty turtle will haunt us. Flames having such a lucky fluke season. Next year they will come down to earth just like the avalanche did a few years back. Gio is having the best year of his life in his mid thirties. They have no one to replace him once he retires in two or three years.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Columbus had now screwed us twice. Losing the lottery and sticking us with Yak and picking Dubois third and sticking us with Jesse.

  • Alberta Ice

    Who would have thought at the time we’d be where we are today, when on the draft day three years ago, Tkachuk was passed by for this great Finnish prospect? Probably no one no where.

  • Rick Stroppel


    Jesse Puljujarvi: Player and agent say injury has been mis-diagnosed.
    Sheldon Souray: Says injury was mis-diagnosed by team, buried in the minors.
    Mike Comrie: Asked for a trade, genius Lowe told him that he would trade him IF HE PAID BACK MILLIONS OF THE SIGNING BONUS HE HAD ALEADY BEEN PAID. Bush league move. Incredible that the league and/or the players association didn’t take action against Lowe.
    Andrew Ference: Says that players who worked hard at practice were mocked by the players who were not working hard. I guess the coaches had their heads up their hoo-hoos when that happened.
    Iiro Pakarinen: Says nobody ever really told him what he was doing wrong, just said “you’re sitting tonight” or “we’re ending you to the minors”.
    Somebody else, I forget his name: When he was traded from the Oilers said he couldn’t believe how hard the practices were with the new team, the Oilers practices were soft.

    Why are all these people saying these terrible things about the Oilers? Because they are true.

    • Rick Stroppel


      Ralph Kruger: Fired by Skype.
      Dallas Eakins: Interviews for Assistant Coach job, gets HC job, because Craig fell in love.
      Katz: “Mac T isn’t going anywhere”.
      Devan Dubnyk (incredibly, while he was still under contract to the team, and clearly was the team’s best goalie): “If you have to ask the question…”

  • puckle-head

    I just found a very enlightening article about Jesse Puljujarvi on a Finnish news site that I translated using the 100% accurate Google translate. I highly recommend you all do the same, it had some very interesting points. One of them was “Puljujärvi has occasionally been able to experiment with the top holes, ” which made me think… good for him. It also translates line-mates to chain-friends which is my new go-to word for that.

  • Oiler Al

    Hey folks if you want to save time and money .. treating your kids…..take them to an Oilers game. That way you can take them to an NHL game and see a circus on the same ticket.

  • Moneyball

    Puljujarvi is not nhl caliber. He should have been traded in the first year,but all the talkings heads on oilers nation and other blogs figured he was the next jarri Kurri. He will be an RFA next year sign him to the lowest number possible, play him as little as possible and put the onus on him to work for a trade.

    • ed from edmonton

      I am not nearly as harsh about JP as you but I often do wonder about people’s observation skills. Within the last week I have read at two so called “experts” stating the JP has a great shot. Has this guy ever shown a “great shot” is a game? His four goals this season have all been from within 10 feet of the goal. I read an article by some guy in Montreal saying the Habs should pick up JP because he has “high end skill”. I can understand a guy from Montreal who rarely sees JP play might be reading a scouting report from 4 years ago, but how can guys who watch him on a game by game basis be so off base? Other then being big and skating well for a big guy has JP really shown much?

      • Moneyball

        Decent comments, but your agreeing with me. I have never seen puljujarvi ona break away, makes a great pass or burst into the offensive zone past some dmen. There is no high end talent with JP, but I think he has the potential to have a great shot. Years of hard work away though. It would have been nice if we dealt him years ago when I thought it was prudent. We could have got Duchene!

  • CMG30

    Interesting trick. JP should think twice, earning hardware, even down in the AHL, will only increase his value going forward. Staying in the NHL and only playing 5 minutes a night will not help his value.

  • camdog

    Guys play through NHL injuries in the NHL, they don’t play through NHL injuries in the AHL. The players signed a CBA to protect themselves from regimes like the Oilers.

  • JasonY

    The worst thing to have happened to JP was Hitchcock. He should have stayed down in the AHL. a 4 game stint where he got 4 points doesn’t prove anything. Another mismanaged prospect by the organization that knows a thing a or two about winning.

  • Derkus the circus

    The whole situation is bizarre. But it doesnt mean im surprised given the way things are done around there. Shouldve been in the AHL 2 months ago. He may very well turn out to be a player, but it wont be in Edmonton.