Real Life Podcast Episode 113: The Squire on Trial

Welcome, citizens, to yet a very special episode of the Real Life Podcast as Jay, The Squire, Downton went on trial to face charges of being a traitor after he was spotted at the Calgary Flames game last Wednesday in Las Vegas. Jay never expected that TV cameras would catch him celebrating a Flames goal and, as a result, he had some major explaining to do.

After loyal Nation citizen, Fat Dad 69, spotted Jay on TV celebrating a Calgary Flames goal, the Internet erupted with rage over his treacherous ways. Has the Squire been a secret Flames fan this whole time? With the way the Nation was reacting to this shocking news, the Squire had some serious explaining to do and the first part of this podcast was dedicated to giving him that chance. Will the people buy his arguments? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Back to the Oilers, the GM search is obviously a major topic of discussion around here but not everyone thinks the search will be as thorough as it probably should be. In fact, some folks believe that Keith Gretzky is already lined up for the job regardless of what happens with the search and the boys close out this week’s episode with a look at what could be going on with this job hunt.

Check out this week’s episode below:

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