Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge: Oilersnation Staff Picks

The playoffs are underway and believe it or not, the Oilers are not in them. In the meantime, us lonely Oiler fans have to find other interesting things to keep us entertained. For example, looking forward to the draft lottery, looking forward to the golf season, and hoping for some entertaining playoff games even though you are jealous of everyone with a team in the postseason.

Whether the Oilers are in or not, I still get excited for playoffs every season. There is no hockey action like playoff hockey action, and watching every player put their body on the line to win the Stanley Cup provides some of the best entertainment in the world. The playoff storylines are something I look forward to every year as well. Every team has some kind of story, and seeing who prevails, in the end, is the greatest part.

Since we have no Oilers to cheer for, we’re forced to make playoff brackets and cheer for other teams instead. With that said, I was curious who everyone thinks will win the Cup this year. Tampa Bay is obviously the favourite to win, but every year there’s a team that surprises us all. Below you will see some of the staff brackets from the writers at Oilersnation.com. Comment below and let me know who you have in the final four! Let’s see if your picks match up with any of our writers.

The Nation Chris

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Evan The Intern


Nation Milly

The Nation Dan

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Christian Pagnani

Zach Laing

Dustin Nielson

Tyler Yaremchuk


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As you can see, the Vegas Golden Knights seem to be the favourite for the Nation staff out of the Western Conference, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are the favourites out of the East. There’s the odd pick including Washington or Boston in the cup final, and I don’t think those picks are too far off base. Teams like Columbus and Carolina certainly have it in them to make a couple of upsets in my opinion. As we’ve learned many years ago, anything can happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In my opinion, as long as the Flames or Leafs don’t win it I will be happy. Sure it will be nice to see a Canadian city bring the cup back north, but I just wouldn’t be able to stomach Leafs fans shoving it in our faces.

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Do you have any interesting picks? So far in the first three nights of playoff action, we’ve seen a few upsets. Let me know in the comments what you think!