Weekly Rumours – Big names available

Another Thursday, which means another week of rumour talk here at Oilersnation. As I do every week, I’ll be going around the NHL and digging up some spicy rumours and discuss how they could impact the Edmonton Oilers.

Up first, we take another look at Frank Seravalli’s ‘Trade Bait Board” which was updated last week.

The board features 25 names and one of them is an Oiler as Milan Lucic has crept his way up to #15 on the list. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Canucks forward Loui Eriksson sits one behind him. Those two are continually linked and as our very own Jason Gregor mentioned last week on TSN Radio in Vancouver, the Canucks have reportedly discussed the idea.

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When dissecting this list, I kept the Oilers biggest needs in mind.

They need a third line centre, but none of the centres on Frank’s list make under $4 million and that would be a non-starter for me.

They could use an offensive-minded right shot defenseman and while there are five on the list, the only one that’s really a fit is 26-year-old Colin Miller out of Vegas. He’s due $3.88 million for three more years and with Vegas tight up against the cap, I think it’s inevitable that he’s dealt. The Golden Knights will also likely need to deal a centre and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oilers had interest in either of Erik Haula or Cody Eakin.

As for scoring wingers, there are plenty of Franks list, but I’m not sure if any of them are true fits. Obviously, names like Kessell (#1), Panarin (#16), and Marner (#25) are unrealistic from a handful of reasons. There are guys like Jason Zucker (#3) and Mike Hoffman (#21) as well, but both of those players have limited no-trade clauses and I couldn’t see them waving to come to Edmonton.

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As far as the Trade Bait Board goes, the Oilers might need to look at a guy like Connor Brown (#12). He was linked to the team at the trade deadline and given the Leafs need for defenseman and cap space, I think there could be a fit with the Oilers and the acquisition cost wouldn’t be very high.

Florida Panthers goaltender James Reimer (#15) is also on the board and while I wouldn’t mind it if the Oilers went out and got a veteran backup goaltender, Reimer has had his problems with consistency and he carries a $3.4 million cap hit for the next two seasons. Unless the Panthers are willing to retain half of his contract, I don’t think I would consider it.


Believe it or not, the Leafs ability to shed one, or both, or Patrick Marleau or Nikita Zaitsev actually could have an impact on the Oilers and their offseason plans.

The Leafs currently have $8.7 million to sign Mitch Marner, Andreas Johnsson, and Kasperi Kapanen. If they can only shed one of Marleau or Zaitsev, then it’s very likely that they’re forced to move both of Kapanen and Johnsson for future assets or cheap young players.

The Oilers need young scoring wingers and they have a surplus of young defenseman that they could move on from. If the Leafs can’t figure out a way to ship out some big contracts, then the Oilers could slide in and possibly snag one of those young wingers for cheap. Both of those players had strong offensive seasons and if the Oilers could snag them for a second round pick and someone like Ethan Bear or Matt Benning, they should do it.

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Of course, their ability to shed the two albatross contracts could also affect the futures and acquisition costs of players like Nazem Kadri and Connor Brown, who might intrigue the Oilers.

I think the Oilers would have interest in Brown and Kadri but I don’t think the latter would work. Kadri has two 30 goal seasons under his belt and he’s under contract at $4.5 million for the next three seasons. I personally think he would look really good on the Oilers third line, imagine the chaos he and Zack Kassian would create on the forecheck, but at the end of the day, I think there would be a few teams out there that would really value Kadri and might be willing to overpay. I don’t think Ken Holland would do that.


This has been a hot topic around Oilers Twitter as of late. David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reported earlier in the week that the reigning Hart Trophy winner has told the New Jersey Devils that he is not interested in signing a long-term extension with them. Hall is set to become a UFA in July 2020 and if what Pagnotta is reporting is true, then there’s reason to believe Hall could be traded this summer.

First off, I take whatever Pagnotta reports with a grain of salt. I do believe that he is well connected to some players in the league, but he has been wrong lots in the past. That doesn’t mean that this report is 100% false, but I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical.

Would the Oilers be interested in a reunion? Well, I think the answer to that should be rather obvious, but I don’t think they could afford it. Hall’s next contract will likely cost around $10 million per season and that would be really tough for the Oilers to squeeze in unless they get shed Milan Lucic’s contract without retaining anything. The acquisition cost would be very high as well. The Oilers would probably have to give up two high-grade prospects, a solid NHL player, and a handful of first and second-round draft picks.

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Would Hall want to sign in Edmonton? I’m not sure about that. He obviously loved the city and the regime that dealt him is almost all but cleared out of the organization. I don’t think it would be a hard no, but I also wouldn’t blame Hall if he wanted to sign with a legitimate Stanley Cup contender or if he just went to the highest bidder.

This rumour also had some cold water poured on it earlier this week when Ray Shero denied the report.

“No idea where [the website] got that from aside from a ‘source,'” Shero said (via NHL.com). “Nothing on our end has changed and I have never heard differently from Taylor or Darren Ferris.”

That’s all for this week. I’ll have another look around the rumour mill next week and as we creep closer to the draft, expect the trade talks to really heat up.

  • WhoreableGuy

    Realistically I can see maybe Connor Brown being able to fit on the Oilers, he’s a consistent 30 point guy in this league which would be huge for Edmonton. At the cost of Matt Benning though? As infuriating he was to watch some nights I thought he for the most part did what he could with the depleted D roster. Coming into 2019-2020 with healthy 6 D that have experience is a difference maker, haven’t had that in 2 years. I feel like Benning should start with the Oilers this season until we can see if Bouchard or Samorukov is ready for prime time.

    • Ass Eatn Szn 69

      Sammy isnt ready and no need to rush, Jones, Lagesson, Persson, Bear and Bouchard all ahead of him. Maybe even Day. Lots of time for Sammy to marinate in the A

      • Ben918

        No doubt all these players will be given a shot during the preseason. I think Sammy has a chance to start with the Oil but it is not a huge one. If he comes out and is without a doubt one of their top 4, then there is no reason to send him back down. He is not a rookie and unlikely to get a ton out of the AHL if he is one of the Oilers fourth best already. I don’t know that he is but any of these guys will be given a chance. Sammy has the ability to be a second pairing defender where a guy like Jones and Bear are most likely career third pairing guys. Also Bouchard is likely to be a top pairing guy. So Oilers need is a factor as well. If the Oilers need a top 4 guy, then it is likely that Sammy or Bouchard fill that role before any of the other prospects.

        In fact I think the Oilers would be better off trading Sekeras(injuries), Klef (injuries), Russell(contract size), Larsson (might not resign) and Benning (too much for a guy who looks like their 7th man). If they can trade all of them to grab a guy like Karlsson, then the Oilers would be better off trading them all. Nurse Karlsson, Sammy Bouchard, Jones Bear… is not much worse than what they have now and easier to add to.

    • Spydyr


      Often injured Prima donna that has publicly stated he does not listen to his coaches. Plays for the name on the back of the jersey not the crest on the front.

      That’s a hard no.

      • Ass Eatn Szn 69

        when you are 21 and making millions in a disgrace of the organization and you are the only resemblance of a good player you would be immature as well. A new look and refresh matured him into an MVP, who drives play at five on five. Welcome on my team any day. He also had a big hand in taking Leon to the next level.

      • hockeyartist

        Thats what a lot of people keep saying but I havent heard one player or coach even hint he was toxic or selfish. Maybe some youthful arrogance before but you could say that about a lot of high end players when they first entered the league. Remember Ovechkin when he entered the NHL? Now he’s one of the best leaders in the League.

      • Big Nuggets

        agreed. If we wanted Hall so badly we should have kept him when he was only making 6 mil. Hall at 10 million? No thank you. I don’t think we should be worrying about signing superstars with this current cap situation. Need to find good players before they hit their prime payday.

        I won’t critize Toronto for signing Tavares because he is a stud, but signing a player for 10 million when you still have holes in the roster hasn’t worked for them. I don’t think it would work for Edmonton either.

      • Ben918

        Hall is one of the best LW’s in the game. If he will sign at a reasonable price, which rumor has it, he will; then the Oilers would be crazy not to pick him. Hall at 7-8 mil is a great idea.

  • Ass Eatn Szn 69

    this year they are not good enough to contend, We have to accept that. There are 5 main goals this year or should be at least.

    1. Shed cap as best you can, Lucic, and Russell out. Next year Manning, Gagner, Brodziak, are off the books, than Sekera out next year.

    2. stock the cupboards, do not trade draft picks, draft skilled forwards, and one left D, we dont need more goalies

    3. set up for expansion, do not trade assets that dont need to be protected for ones that do. Get your expansion roster set and go with it.

    4. plug and play pieces. Sign fill in players to one year contracts. slight overpays is better than additional years, trade at deadline

    5. find out where Benson, Marody, Gamberdella, Yamo, Puljijarvi, Jones, Lagesson, Bear, Bouchard and Bear fit in going forward and when their arrival dates are.

    After this is all said and done, Just sign Hall next year. Cap space will be there and you wont have to give up assets.

    • Ken Holland

      Not sure why the trashes. Clearing cap space is a priority.

      Lucic, Russel, Gagner, Manning, Brodziak add up to 16 million. We can sign Hall and a top 4 D with the space.

      Draisaitl McDavid
      Hall Nuge

      Top 6 would be unstoppable.

  • TKB2677

    I don’t think the Oilers are good enough to content regardless of what they do but they could make some moves and make the playoffs. If I am the Oilers, I am not going big game hunting, I am trying to shed some salary and set yourself up for the following seasons.

    What I would do is try to shed some salary/roster spots on the defense in order to create space some better skating, better puck moving dmen. The Oilers currently have 6 NHL dmen on the roster. Jones is ready and needs to play. I would also bring in a subtle right shot, good skating, puck moving dman that can be in your top 4 while Bouchard develops. They have some guys who are offensive, skate well and move the puck well coming in Samorukov so I don’t see the point in blowing a ton of assets to try to get a big name guy.

    On forward, I would again clear out a few roster spot. I would focus on getting a good face off winning, preferably right shot 3rd line center that can be on your PK. I would also be looking at adding a few forwards that can skate and can score a bit. Go get yourself a consistent mid teens forward that will cost you 3-4 mill and if you put him with an elite center like McDavid or Leon, all of a sudden he’s scoring over 20 and you have yourself a value contract.

  • billsbills

    I’m not so sure that those players with NMCs wouldn’t be looking at Edmonton as a viable option. I think Tyler under values the McDavid factor. There is a reason he is the back to back and reigning Ted Lindsay winner.

    Add to that the fact that both Ken Holland and now Dave Tippett are both extremely respected around the league. I think Edmonton is a lot more attractive for players.

    Having said that the Oilers need to shed salary before anyone comes in.

    Your Taylor Hall evaluation is way too high. A roster player, two prospects and a handful of 1st and 2nd round picks?? Are you nuts?

    He’s a pending UFA that looks to be wanting to test free agency. At the trade deadline he is worth a low first rounder and a prospect. Now I would say a mid first rounder and a decent roster player.

    Can you give an example of where 1 player was recently traded for as much as you described?

      • billsbills

        What? Duchene was traded for 1 first round pick and two B or C level prospects. They may get another first round pick if he resigns with Columbus which will surely make it a double over payment. First in terms of trade value and second in terms of contract value.

        But nowhere near what Tyler said Hall would fetch.

  • Biomass

    Scoring winger — even somewhat scoring like Brown has to be a top priority. In terms of acquisition cost, why does Bear’s name come up when we have the leftorium as a source of trading chips? Thinness at RD has been a serious problem since Petry left. Oilers need to hold on to their RD prospects.

    • IRONman

      Mitch marner deserves to get paid. 5 years at 10.5 costs 2 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick. I would trade my 2016, 2017 1st for Mitch. So the leafs have to pay 10.5 or the fans will revolt. They oilers should offer sheet kapanen. 4×4.

    • Ben918

      Bear has value and ultimately is unlikely to have a long NHL career at anything better than third line minutes. Tough for an Offensive D. Plus he is often the odd man out. Oilers need to bring in a RHD and that is inevitable. Many of their d are simply not going to get the chance. Only Bouchard and Sammy are decent prospects. Everyone else is looking at fighting for the third pairing.

  • Fireball

    The Cost to acquire Hall would be insane. The contract to pay him would be probably 70 million dollars. He hasn’t played a game since last December as his knee is hurt AGAIN. To go along with his shoulder INJURYS. He was skating with Braces when he played for the Oilers. The only FULL season he played was his last with the Oilers. Someone will pay up for him but I wouldn’t touch him with a 10’ pole. Aside from the injurys there is a real reason he was traded ., one the media doesn’t want to talk about. I could spout off about it but I’ll leave it to your imagination.. has nothing to do with being a good teammate., all to do with being a bad dude

  • Man I hope players or free agents don’t read this site. You know that stink that seems to be following this team. Well it starts here, not everyone that blogs here but a good percentage. It’s a new Gm, a new coach let’s cheer up and change the atmosphere around here.

    • Spydyr

      Count how many “new Gm, a new coach” the Oilers have had under Katz.
      Lots eh but I’m sure this time will be different.

      The stink following the team starts in the Owner’s office not from a Oiler fan blog.

        • Ben918

          The most negative fan base? Stop trolling. Oiler fans show up and support their team every year even though they are losing. One of the most diehard fan bases in the league. Do we think things should be changed, yes but don’t mistake the desire to see the Oilers win with us being negative.

      • Ben918

        Dude you are just trolling. Katz is a rich guy but not a hands on owner. Players shouldn’t even consider him. Nicholson used to be an after thought but they broke that link too with the POHO title. That was given to show EVERYONE that Holland is in charge of the Oilers and he makes the decisions.

  • TKB2677

    Jack Roslovic with the Jets is supposedly very unhappy with his role. Good skater, has good offensive skill. Right shot. Ok size. Plays center or wing. He’s only 22. On the last year of his ELC. If I am the Oilers, I am all over him. I’d offer up JP.

    • Derian Hatcher

      See TKB ? you would have been a better GM than Chia. It’s a shame that he made all those terrible moves…not trying to beat a dead horse, but like I have said many times, any passionate Oiler fan, and many on this site, could have done a better job.

      However, onward with Ken and Dave! Hopeful and optimistic 🙂

    • Glencontrolurstik

      If someone is 22 and unhappy with what he is asked to do at the pro level, I wouldn’t touch him, no matter what his upside is…
      He should be very happy just being in the pro leagues, and happy to do whatever he is asked, until of course he gets a little mileage and can prove himself… But to be unhappy performing a role asked of him is just a problem that the Jets, in this case are trying to get rid of…. Big fat no…

      • TKB2677

        Roslovic is not unhappy being a Jet, he’s unhappy with his usage. He’s way down on the Jets depth chart playing on the 4th line I believe. He’s an offensive guy and wants the chance to play a bigger role. He probably looks at who’s all ahead of him and doesn’t see an opening. I wouldn’t see that as a negative. I would want all players to want more.

        The Oilers need actual NHLers. He’s established himself as an effective bottom 6 guy who has the potential to be more. Those are the types of guy the Oilers need to bring in. Younger, good skating, cheap guys who can maybe elevate. He can play center or wing. I would totally go after him.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          You missed my point, a 22 year old does as he’s told by the coach, period… That’s what he signed up for. Anyone that’s “unhappy about his usage” … really, who do they think they are? Not a part of my team.
          They have to earn it… How do you have superior depth if you have to bring 3rd or 4th liners up the ranks if they aren’t good enough & just sulking and whining because they are unhappy that they aren’t being used properly?
          The goal is to have strong players on all lines.
          That’s what wins championships.

      • Big Nuggets

        Your arguement applies to Puljujarvi as well. Apparently he(or his agent) was reluctant to play in the AHL even though he was clearly not ready for the NHL. I would swap Puljujarvi for Roslovic.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          I think JP deserves another chance, based on the draft ranking (Laine-like) and genetic hip issues that needed surgery…
          This is it though, his improvement better be exponentially better than what we have seen thus far. The end result is what I described above with Roslovic, but I think for different reasons? I’m just predicting based on draft ranking & results, they don’t add up.

  • SailorD81

    How about making a call to LA to ask about Kovy? Theres been lots of talk/rumours about Lucic to Van for Eriksson. Kovy has a similar cap hit but on a shorter term. He had a very sub par season in LA to the point he was on the forth line and there were talks of being a healthy scratch at several points. What would the Oilers have to add to Lucic to get LA to take him for Kovy? Would the Oilers even want him?

    • TKB2677

      The Oilers need to get fast and need to shed salary from under performing, aging vets. Kovy is significantly older, makes every so slightly more than Lucic and is just as slow if not slower than Lucic. The only thing he has over Lucic is he’s a right shot and his contract is shorter.

      • SailorD81

        I get and agree with everything you’re saying. I’m just putting it out there, with all this Lucic for Eriksson talk out there I’m looking at comparable contracts and comparable seasons. Kovy only has two years left at 6.5 vs Lucic at 6 for eternity. Warts and all Kovy would provide the Oilers with something they do not have which is a shoot first player who could look absolutely lethal on the PP with McJesus passing to him.

        P.S. I don’t think there is anyone in the league slower than Lucic looks these days.

  • McJeetz

    Man, Kadri is the guy for the Oilers. Sign Chaisson. Sign PULJUJÄRVI to a 1-2 year bridge deal and staple him to McD line for 40 games

    Draisaitl McD Puljujarvi
    RNH Kadri Kassian
    Gagner Khaira Chaisson
    Nygard (Maybe) Cave Gambardella

    I could get behind that. I’m sure Tippett can work with that too

    • TKB2677

      Question for you. What has JP done to warrant putting him on the top line? He’s not a full time NHLer right now.

      I am not debating that the Oilers developed him properly but if JP had spent the last couple of seasons in the NHL and he was actually ready for an NHL job next season, would you automatically put him with McDavid?

      Tyler Benson score the second most points in the AHL EVER by a rookie this season. I think he has a shot to make the Oilers but if he spent part of next year in the minors, I don’t think that would be a bad thing one bit. But if he makes the Oilers, no chance would I have him on McDavid’s wing. Puljujarvi in his time in Bakersfield didn’t even put up numbers close to what Benson did. So how does it make sense for him to be on the top line over a guy like Benson?

      • McJeetz

        I don’t think it is a question of earning the top spot. It is more managing an asset.

        Don’t forget Draisaitl wasn’t doing much his first NHL year and in AHL but blew the doors off after bing put in McDavids/Halls line.

        You put JP in a win win situation by playing with McDavid and Draisaitl for 35-40 games, one of 2 things will happen. He will do what Draisaitl did and find his game and turn into a star like everyone predicted he will. Or he will create enough trade value to get a quality return for the Oilers.

        I’ll leave you with one last thought. The general belief is the Oilers heavily contributed to PJ’s current lack of development. Maybe they owe him a ‘push’ to get his career back on track

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I cant see the Oilers taking any guys in the 4 mil and up range without shedding a couple of big salaried players from the team, there just isnt enough cap space for the Oilers to play with given who they have to decided to re sign, and having to find another goalie. They only can have so many contracts on the books, and while a few spots will open, the Oilers still need to replace guys from those spots and with not a ton of cash to do it. The list of who is available is a wish list ATM for the Oil, we cant end up back in cap hell and we cant be pressed against the contract ceiling like last year either.

    Unless Holland makes some significant moves to move a couple players with high dollar contracts, I see the Oil looking for guys who are cheap, hungry and guys other teams had to sacrifice due to cap issues or players under contract ceiling

  • teammate michael

    Taylor Hall is a winger. He is not going to command center money. I would say a 8.5 m a year contract for Taylor for 8 years with a LTC would be the deal. As to what shero gets,his best deal is on June 21st. Trade deadline day will see him get very little back. Certainly some team may overpay for a rental. they always do. But if I am Shero. And I am Ken Holland. I look at moving Nurse in a package for Taylor Hall. Nurse is coming off a career year point wise and frankly he is more expendable with the play of Samurukov. If its me. Me. I bring Taylor back. I then have a 4 top 6 players. Find 4 bottom 6 forwards who can play. And we may have a shot at being a decent team/playoff.

    • Ben918

      Hall at this point is a rental and the Oilers should feel confident that he will sign with them next year. Oilers should wait. If they need him for a playoff rush, make a trade for a third rounder with a prospect thrown in if he resigns. If they don’t need him. Give him 7.5 for 8 years and his contract will look as good as his current 6 mil one in a couple years. Better if he plays with McDavid.

  • Ben918

    Absolutely Hall would and does want to sign in Edmonton. He has also said that he would take a discount to sign there. This from a current Oiler that is still friends with Taylor. Hall never wanted to get traded and he wants to finish the rebuild he helped start years ago. He has matured a lot outside of hockey since leaving Edmonton and there is reason to believe that he would be welcomed back by the current players (his trade had something to do with attitude off the ice – most notably his partying). Something I am told, is no longer a factor. He comes to play and would like to play wing with his buddy Nuge again. Anyone that knows Nuge would understand what a great guy he is and why someone would want to be back on his team and line.