Inside the Nation: Jesse Puljujarvi wants out and an NHL Draft preview

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first episode of Inside the Nation leading up to Friday night’s NHL Draft. In this evening’s edition, Dusty Nielson sets up the NHL Draft with a preview of what could happen, a look at the Jesse Puljujarvi drama that came out tonight, and offers his take on a few different moves that the Oilers might look at this off-season.

To kick off, Dusty lays out a timeline for the weekend, including letting us know about a Ken Holland presser that’s coming up at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon where he will talk about his approach to the draft as well as answering the inevitable Jesse Puljujarvi questions that are sure to come up. Speaking of Jesse Puljujarvi, how could this video not include today’s quotes from his agent that state Puljujarvi was done in Edmonton and would rather play in Europe than stick with the Oilers. Also tonight, it was revealed that Jim Playfair has accepted an assistant coaching position in Edmonton with the announcement coming as early as tomorrow. Lastly, Dusty gets to a little Q&A with the topics ranging from potential off-season signings like Corey Perry and potential landing spots for his beloved Jesse.

Watch tonight’s episode of Inside the Nation below:

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  • Viperx

    I watched this episode live on fb. I posted a comment during the program expecting it to just be seen by the group. Little did I know this comment gets posted to my main fb wall and is then seen by everyone in my friend list. Not cool

    • Gravis82

      This is why I am no longer on facebook. “Join the conversation” on facebook stuff is BS. They just want to link who you are with what you are saying and create better data to sell you more things.

  • Moneyball

    Good podcast, however one point. Puljujarvi’s first goal was not a slap shot from it side the blue line. It was a fluke, he was falling down and whipped the puck at the net. I was never high on this prospect, I figured he had a lot of development risk after watching his first season. I don’t think he will every be a game changer, he has the potential to be a decent 3rd loner but he needs a better attitude and to learn how to play the North American game.

  • McDangles

    I like the thought of packaging a combo of Pulju, the 8th, + to move up to land Byram. Would Pulju, the 8th and the 2nd round pick get it done?
    Pulju, the 8th and Bear? Pulju the 8th, the 2nd round selection and Bear?

    Trading Pulju for pennies on the dollar to land a 3rd liner will do nothing to help the team long term imo. Package him to land something big or let him play in Europe.

    Time to prove yourself Holland.

  • Moneyball

    You asked what 4th round pick plays 28 games in his first year, goes down to the AHl and plays there and then comes back and scores 13 goals. How about Draisaitl, that development path worked for him. It might be time to face the music that puljujarvi has a lot of opportunities on all lines and just did not come out to play.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Put on your GM hat. Would you trade the 3rd overall for a draft bust and the 8th pick? More likely, the 8th overall, Lucic and JP for Sutter and Vancouver’s 10th overall.

  • 50 Flex

    Get rid of him. That kind of toxicity is the last thing the Oilers need. The Islanders made playoffs after losing their best player for nothing. Oilers can afford to just ditch Jesse.

  • The Perceptor

    Is former Oiler Esa Tikkanen available to coach? Or any great Finnish coach, that maybe played in the NHL, and speaks English well. A glue guy in the room, and someone that can bring Jesse Puljujarvi back into the mix, both with the players, and the team strategies. I’m flabbergasted that it’s come to this, and simply can’t understand why Jesse doesn’t see a new possibility here. If he just looks in the mirror for a sec, and realizes that a new GM and coaching staff is as new as it gets, if might be enough to convince him to stay and really go for it, one more time. But if his possible exit has to do with something more than a new GM and coach, if it’s also about the players, then that’s a big problem that needs to be addressed. In less words, Jesse, come back with open arms, this fan wants you to succeed in Edmonton.