Inside the Nation: Where oh where is our little 3rd line centre?

It’s Thursday and summer is over again. Fear not Nation!, Dustin is here. Every week Dusty comes in live on our Facebook page for you to watch and interact with.

If you missed out, and didn’t get to see, fear not, we always have a break down right here.

What is on today’s schedule:

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  • Gaetan Haas the third line C?
  • Brian Boyle?
  • Who is going to be a PTO for the Oilers?
  • Is there smoke where the 3rd line C rumours are fire?
  • #SummerofLineys with the line that says NNNNNNNNN
  • Colby Cave in the lineup?
  • Where will Jesse end up?
  • Mike Smith’s new gear
  • Bill Guerin as Wild GM

Missed out? Want to watch again?

Watch today’s episode below:


After having such a blast over the past two years, we absolutely knew that we were going to organize another golf tourney for the summer and, after a few months of planning, we’re psyched to finally be able to launch our third annual golf tournament.

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  • When – August 29th, 2019 (Thursday)
  • Where – Cougar Creek Golf Resort
  • How much – $1000/team or get in on the $900 Early Bird price until July 10th
  • Teams – Groups of Four (4)
  • How – Book your team here

As always, a portion of all proceeds from your ticket purchase will be donated directly to a local charity. This time we’ve partnered up with the Gregor Foundation to make sure that our kids are at their most handsome.

Previous Episodes:

  • I feel like the scratch tickets we have that could potentially play 3C, our internal competition on our team already could turn out a fit with Marody and Haas probably as top contenders, but guys like Jujhar or Gagner could potentially slot there too. The first two have a lot to prove, but could have the toolkit to be a utility 3 and the fire lit under them. I think Marody has a higher offensive ceiling but Haas has the edge defensively.
    Get someone like Boyle and it will create so much more competition and I think it would help those two reach potential…

  • What the Puck

    This is another wait and see year. I don’t like it. Holland has alot of work to do. If this pans out, it would be nothing short of genius. I shutter to think where we would be now under chia. I do like Hollands slow approach. Seems like he really thinks out his decisions. I see 2021 as truly being what he is building towards. Trade pulu if the right deal arises. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry about adding anything other than PTOs. We have enough horses in the stable to get through 2020. 2021 will be the beginning of the next Oilers dynasty. Let’s go boys!