Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Will Connor McDavid be ready for opening night?

Happy Wednesday, Nation! As always, your boy Baggedmilk is back with another adventure in radio with the boys at The Locker Room giving me a platform to talk all things Edmonton Oilers for a few minutes. This week, we looked at rookie camp, Evan Bouchard’s contract, and whether or not Connor McDavid will be ready for opening night.

To start off this week’s appearance, we jumped in with The Locker Room topic of the day which was a look at what was your favourite childhood toy. Without hesitation, I recounted my love of the Ninja Turtles and bragged about how extensive my collection was. From there, we turned our attention to rookie camp and whether or not people should be making a big deal about a couple of losses to the Flames’ prospects. The answer? No. No, they shouldn’t. Lastly, I updated the boys with the latest Connor McDavid news and guessed at whether or not he would be ready for training camp based on a couple of first hand accounts of how he’s looking these days.

Listen to this week’s appearance below:

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