Nation Real Life – Ep. 156 – Breaking Down the McDavid Doc with Shane Fennessey

The boys are back with a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast and this week was a very exciting episode with a very interesting guest!

‘Connor McDavid: Whatever It Takes’ was the talk of the town this weekend and we were beyond excited to chat with Shane Fennessey who was an Associate Producer with the documentary!

LAING: Connor McDavid’s recovery nothing short of unbelievable

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We shared our initial takes on the doc and got some great insight from Shane on the process behind making the film. He talked about meeting Connor and his family, which naturally turned Wanye into an even bigger fanboy than he usually is!

As with any production, there were lots of great stories and quotes that didn’t make it into the final version. Shane shared some of those stories with us! There were even some things that he wanted to add to the doc that he didn’t get the chance to put in. He was sitting right there as the crew interviewed the doctors, staff, and players that were involved with Connor’s miraculous recovery. Think of it like a peek behind the curtain from a guy who actively pulled back the curtain.

If you enjoyed the doc, then you’ll really enjoy today’s chat with a great up and coming producer!

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