The Oilers have a rumoured fourth jersey on the way for 2020-21

It appears the Oilers will be adding another jersey to their catalogue next season, as Icethetics’ recent Jersey Watch reports. It looks as though the team will be digging up something from the past again, though it won’t be the royal blue style many have been asking for. It’ll be more orange.

Multiple Icethetics sources have now provided jersey descriptions that suggest the “twist” could be as simple as a color inversion (i.e.: a blue Canadiens sweater with a red chest stripe). Interestingly, a similar theme has been executed in a recent concept series by Matt Burke.

An Icethetics source with a solid track record has reported the Oilers will have a white fourth jersey, similar to their current uniforms but with the blue and orange inverted. The source reports the look is “reminiscent of the original white jerseys from when the Oilers were in the WHA.” – Source

Apparently, Edmonton could be throwing things back all the way to their WHA days with a white jersey that features orange shoulders and an orange-based logo.

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This would match the pattern we’ve seen from the Oilers since Adidas started designing NHL jerseys a few years ago. The team’s current home jerseys with the orange-dominated body are a throwback to their very easy WHA days and the team has already leaned into the orange logo with the new alternate jerseys they released this year. Another WHA throwback and a further dive into the orange logo would make sense.

The Oilers rocked an orange logo between 1974 and 1979 in the WHA but didn’t bring it back until this year with their new alternate concept that features an orange logo and lettering. This fourth jersey could be different, featuring an orange circle with dark blue lettering instead.

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I’m a big fan of throwback jerseys, alternates, and teams operating with expanded jersey catalogues, personally. I think the more the merrier when it comes to jerseys. I remember when the dark blue and orange logo alternate got leaked last year most of us thought it looked awful but it appeared much, much better when actually worn on the ice than it did in images. I’ll wait to I can see this jersey on the ice before I make a judgement.