Real Life Podcast Episode 165 – The Proper Way to Eat a Banana

The sportsless life rolls on but that didn’t stop the boys from getting together virtually to record a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. This week, the guys recapped the personal goals they set for this period of self-isolation, broke down how everyone is passing the time, snack rationing, and a whole lot more.

To kick off this week’s podcast, Jay told the story of a recent drunken purchase he made despite not necessarily thinking it through. Now the proud owner of a new Peloton bike, Jay recalled having to explain to his significant other why the bike was a good purchase and where it’s going to fit in their house. Changing gears, Chalmers explained how he is now homeschooling his boys during the school shut down and how coming up with a lesson plan is something he never thought he’d have to do in his life. Then again, how could anyone have predicted the ways they’d be spending time during a pandemic? Speaking of passing the time, the guys offered a few updates on their social distancing goal, including Baggedmilk bragging about his progress with juggling, Jay crushing his step goals, and Yaremchuk making some fine progress when it comes to learning how to do taxes. What was unexpected, though, was a conversation breaking out about the correct way to eat a banana and how everyone seemed to have a different idea of how that’s supposed to go. Think the randomness ended there? Of course not. As expected from an episode of the Real Life Podcast, this week’s episode took all of the twists and turns you’ve come to expect from a structureless row that always seems to find ways to fall off the rails.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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