Edmonton Oilers announce staff reductions, wage rollbacks

The Edmonton Oilers have announced a temporary staff reduction of 139 employees while senior hockey and business executives will forgo 50-100% of their wages.

For staff working from home, the club announced there would be a compensation rollback for them.

OEG has created an employee assistance fund to help lessen the impacts on staff, the club announced.

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“Like so many other businesses in the sports, entertainment and hospitality industry, we are implementing these measures in the face of an unprecedented challenge and rapidly evolving landscape,” OEG COO Tom Anselmi said in a statement. “These actions are difficult but necessary to respond to the reality of an effective shutdown of our business.

“In spite of this, we remain committed to doing all that we can for our employees. We are protecting the livelihood of our employees as best as we can and are committed to getting them back to work as soon as possible.”

The layoffs will be effective April 13.

The Calgary Flames announced a similar rollback Monday that sees roughly 150 employees laid off, while an additional 150 employees will see salary reductions from 10-25%.

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