Matt Benning checks in from self-quarantine with quick video from the farm

Yesterday, Edmonton Oilers defenceman, Matt Benning, posted another quick video to his Instagram page to check in with fans and keep everyone updated on what he’s been up to during the NHL work stoppage.

The last time we saw Matt Benning, the league had just recently shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and he had gotten his skid steer stuck in the snow. This time around, we got another glimpse into the Benning farm life but were also treated to a special guest appearance from a very special birthday boy β€” his dog, Moose.

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“Hey, Oilers fans. Matt Benning here. I’m just taking a walk after dinner with my beautiful wife, Jenelle, and our dog, Moose β€” it’s his third birthday today. He’s fixated on a stick”

The thing I find so interesting about these social media videos that are getting posted all over the place, is that NHL players are just as bored as we all are now that real life has basically been shut down. Normally, I don’t think any of us would care much that Benning is taking a stroll with his wife around their property β€” it’s a pretty normal thing to do β€” but it’s knowing that they’re all stuck in the same place as everyone else that makes these small moments feel more intriguing. Am I wrong? Probably. I haven’t left my house a whole lot over the past couple of weeks. Anyway…

As always, Benning finished up with another message asking everyone to do their part to help flatten the curve.

“Take this time to self-quarantine yourself and do your part so we can get back to playing hockey and get back to going to work. Play a lot of cards, spend time with your loved ones, and stay at home. Hope to see you guys soon.”

Hope to see you back on the ice too, buddy. This self-isolation thing is getting old in a hurry.