On Friday, Edmonton Oilers prospect, Cooper Marody, released his tribute song to the late Colby Cave entitled ‘Agape’ with all proceeds go to the Colby Cave Memorial Fund. And while many of us have already heard the song, I wanted to repost it on the site this morning to try and get it more views, downloads, and listens to try and increase its reach.

If you haven’t heard Marody’s song yet, I’d strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to listen to the emotional tribute he made for his friend and teammate. Not only is the song beautifully written, you can tell how much love and emotion Marody put into it, but it’s also raising funds for a wonderful cause.

When speaking with Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman about how it all came together, Marody revealed that he was urged to use his talent by Colby’s wife, Emily:

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“Emily texted, ‘Cooper, no pressure on you, but could you write a song, including certain things they did together, in their relationship?’” Marody said. “When she heard it, she said, ‘I can picture Colby saying every one of those words.’ I was so happy to hear that from her.”

To Emily Cave, Marody’s song is not only understandably personal but also a source of strength:

“When I heard it for the first time,” Emily adds, “I felt Colby was saying, ‘Emily, stay there and do great things with the foundation. Be strong and he will see me soon. (Cooper) did an incredible job. Full-grown men have just been crying listening to it. I’m so grateful. I have old texts (of Colby’s), voicemail, but the song is really special.”

Download ‘Agape’ anywhere you get your music from with all proceeds going to the Colby Cave Memorial Fund