Our Real Steal shirt is in a Striker music video!

Back in April, Juno award-winning metal band, Striker, released their new music video for the song Born to Lose, and while rocking out with our metal horns in the air, we noticed something incredible as we were watching the clip.

Formed in 2007, Striker is a Canadian heavy metal band from right here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so it’s not exactly surprising that the boys could be hockey fans, but that didn’t stop us from being pumped to see a Real Steal shirt featured in their music video. Chris Segger, the guitarist for the band, decided that not only did he want to wail on his axe in the music video, but he also wanted to sport the finest of NationGear threads to show his support from one of the funniest trades in recent memory. I mean, not only does this song smash, but it was also incredible cool for all of us to see one of our t-shirts included in a video that’s been seen thousands of times. It’s one of those surreal moments that come around every so often in this job, and I wanted to give Chris a shout out for thinking of us when it came time to shoot this video. So cool.


Want to hear more about this story? Chris will be a guest on today’s episode of the Real Life Podcast, which will be up on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts from coming up a little bit later this afternoon.

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