Real Life Podcast Episode 240 – Math Problems, Mouse Updates, and Scott Hastings from OddsShark

Another Thursday is upon us which means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to help you close out the week and get you amped up for the weekend. This week, the guys got an update on Wanye’s current mouse situation, looked at James Harden’s bankroll, and spoke to Scott Hastings from OddsShark to break down the latest news from the world of sports gambling.

To kick off today’s show, the boys got started with a fresh listener survey from longtime listener, Angus Hout, who checked in from Winnipeg and shared his favourite moments from show history. Moving along, the guys looked at the NFL and whether or not the NHL will be able to learn any from how they’re managing their season in the middle of a pandemic. Is it even fair to compare the two leagues seeing as NFL teams play only once per week? Changing gears, Wanye provided his third mouse update from Wanye Manor and whether or not he’s got the situation under control. The guys also talked about the potential for the NHL’s start date to be pushed back beyond January 13th. Lastly, the guys wrapped up today’s podcast by welcoming Scott Hastings from OddsShark to help break down the latest betting trends from the NFL, and the latest news in the world of sports.

Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:

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