Oilersnation Radio Episode 117 – Canadian Teams on the Move and Talking Hockey with Jordin Tootoo

It’s Friday afternoon and that means a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio has been wrapped up, edited into a masterpiece, and ready to stimulate your ear feelings as you head into the weekend. This week, we looked at the NHL’s potential plan to move the Canadian teams south of the border, helmet ads being approved, and welcomed Jordin Tootoo to the podcast to help us preview the World Juniors.

To kick off today’s episode, we jumped in with a look at the news that broke yesterday about the NHL potentially looking at moving all seven Canadian teams south of the border for the upcoming season provided that they’re unable to reach an agreement with local health authorities. With reactions on the subject ranging all over the map, we tried to look at both sides of the argument and whether or not we think the NHL will actually have to make sure a drastic move. That all said, we also looked at the fact that a bunch of the Oilers and NHLers are heading back to their team cities ahead of the start of next season, which makes the idea of moving everyone down south seem a little bit more unlikely. From there, we started looking ahead at the World Juniors Championship that is set to kick off in Edmonton next week and how it’s going to be so different without having fans in the stands to cheer our boys on. For the final half-hour of the podcast, we were joined by former NHLer, Jordin Tootoo, to talk about his memories from his WJC experience along with some amazing stories from throughout his NHL career, including an amazing story about being a healthy scratch in Edmonton. Needless to say, this is an interview that you’re going to want to hear because Tootoo was about as open and honest as we ever could have hoped, and it was a lot of fun to get the chance to talk to him.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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