A good old fashioned game day giveaway

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10 months ago
Are you an Edmonton fan living in Calgary? Does a Saturday night BOA sound like something that would interest you? Thanks to our friends at ATB Financial, I’ve got an opportunity for you.
When I was a kid, we used to have the radio on most of the day in my house as there was always someone listening to music, news, or whatever else you’d expect on any given day. As a result, I heard a lot of different radio contests as a young bag of milk, and I always loved the random ways that the stations would give away their prizes. Sometimes you’d have to sit in a car for hours on end, sometimes you were tied to a friend, sometimes you call your mom and ask an embarrassing question like Tyler did when we were in LA, but no matter the bit, I’ve always loved a good giveaway that gets the people going. And that’s why I love that the champions at ATB Financial are giving us the opportunity to have a little bit of radio-style fun of our own.
What’s the contest? I thought you’d never ask.
On Saturday morning, we’ll be making our way to Calgary for the second BOA of the season, and we’re bringing a bundle — 20 be exact — of game day experiences with us that we’ll be giving away courtesy of ATB Financial. How do you win such a fantastic experience? It doesn’t get much easier. On Saturday morning, we’ll announce the name of our mystery location and the time when we’ll be arriving, and the first 20 people to show up at that time will win a game day experience with the Nation. Easy. Basically, if you live in/near Calgary and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook then you’ve got a reasonable chance to win a night out with a bunch of your closest Internet friends just for paying attention. We want to hang out, and we wanted to make this contest as easy as possible so that anyone could enter. The only catch is that this is a first come, first serve situation.

TLDR: Give me the Details

Before you start sliding into my DMs (or texting me if you know me) to find out where the mystery location will be, I don’t even know that information myself because everybody knows that I can’t keep a secret. I’ll be finding out the when and where with the rest of you, but until those details are announced, here’s what you have to remember:
  • When: Saturday, October 29th
  • What: A BOA game day contest
  • How: First 20 people to show up to our mystery location
  • Where: A mystery location in Calgary that we’ll announce on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Why: Because ATB Financial wants us to have a good time
Now that you know what’s coming, it might be worth setting an alarm for Saturday or turning on those tweet notifications because once these 20 spots are gone they’re gone. Good luck, everybody.

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