Better Lait Than Never Ep. 8 – Nation History, Hip Hop, and the Edmonton Oilers feat. Wanye Gretz

1 year ago
In this week’s episode of Better Lait Than Never, I wanted to clear some time and space because I knew that having Wanye as a guest meant that this one would run long. As expected, that’s exactly what happened.
As much as I expected that this episode of the podcast was going to be different, I didn’t really expect that it would go into as many areas as Wanye and I ended up getting to, but I also don’t know why I was surprised. Any time the two of us get together with nothing but time on our hands, we end up diving into so many weird areas that I didn’t really get to many of the topics I had prepped for today’s show. From the start of Oilersnation to Ryan Smyth to his love of hip hop and pop culture, diving into Wanye’s brain is something that I always enjoy and I really hope you all feel the same. And of course, how could I do a podcast with Wanye without talking about our beloved Edmonton Oilers, what’s going on with this team, and where we think it needs to go to bring this franchise back to greatness. I know this is a fairly new podcast for me, but this was easily my favourite episode so far and I really hope you guys like it too.
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