Betway Bets of the Day — Can Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl lead the Oilers out of an 0-3 hole?

Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid
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Shane Stevenson
1 month ago
Welcome back to another edition of the Betway Bets of the Day!
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Edmonton is in tough as they fight for their lives down three games in the series. Lord Stanley’s Cup will be in the building and the threat of the Florida Panthers parading it around the Oilers home arena won’t appeal to too many in the Edmonton organization. As such I think Edmonton plays their best game of the Final to date – I mean they kind of have to.
Our first bet of the day is going to be Stuart Skinner to have under 25.5 saves, with odds at -106.
Weird to pick this one, I know, but since Game 5 of the first round this has occurred quite frequently. From April 28th vs. the Los Angeles Kings through Game 3 against Florida Skinner has made less than 26 saves 13/15 times. Game 1 and Game six against Dallas are the two he didn’t.
Second, we will stick with the guy who helped us last game, taking Connor McDavid to get 2+ points, with odds at -135.
He was the offensive catalyst in the third period for Edmonton in game three and clearly looks like the best Oiler at all times. No surprise there. He does need to find way to get shots or deflections off closer to Bobrovsky, but nonetheless I feel he is more than capable of achieving this today.
Our third bet of the day will be for Leon Draisaitl to get over 2.5 shots on goal, with odds at -143
Draisaitl from his office is always a threat to shoot when the going gets tough. He has hit the over mark on this prop in both game one and game three of the final. There is a lot of eyes on McDavid but the second half of the two pillars needs to contribute as well. The way Draisaitl talks he comes off as a big game player. They are going to need him shooting the puck to stay alive.
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