Betway Bets of the Day — Will the goaltenders get back on their game?

Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers
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Shane Stevenson
1 month ago
Welcome back to another edition of the Betway Bets of the Day!
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Edmonton was able to stay alive and put the brooms away with a dominant showing in game four. It was the kind of game that showed the Oilers can still score but also one that probably poked the Panthers in a spot they didn’t like. Over a touchdown worth of goals are great, but they only count the one game before the clock re-sets.
Our first bet of the day is going to be under 6.5 total goals in the match, with odds at -190.
One game does not make me subscribe to a goal fest. Bobrovsky is more than likely going to rebound and goals will once again be at a premium. This isn’t to say the Oilers won’t win, but they better find at least 3 goals if they want to do it.
Second, we will go with the overall shot total being over 57.5 shots, with odds at -115.
Going with either team has burned me so far, so this time, I am going with the overall. Edmonton needs to be fighting for their life and the Panthers will want to win at home. Plenty of shots should be flying.
Throw in an Edmonton powerplay that broke the scoreless streak, a motivated McDavid, and the momentum of a big win and we could be in for a high shot count.
Our third bet of the day will be for a Carter Verhaeghe anytime goal, with odds at +162.
When the Panthers need a goal in a big spot it always seems to be Verhaeghe. You would think Reinhart, Barkov, even Tkachuk would be that teams Mr. Clutch but instead it’s the guy that’s criminally underrated. Look for him to find some scoring opportunities and cash in at least one tonight.
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