Connor Brown: “It would be awesome to play with Connor McDavid”

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1 year ago
If it’s been hours since you’ve read an Oilers rumour and you’re starting to get the shakes then I’ve got good news for you. Your ol’ pal Baggedmilk spent the morning digging around on the Internet for some news to share and that’s when I found this clip of Connor Brown talking about what it would mean to potentially play with Connor McDavid.
Nothing gets me more excited than some good silly season speculation pertaining to our beloved Edmonton Oilers, and I’ve got another dose of the good stuff here to brighten up your Wednesday morning. While it’s no secret that the Oilers have been tied to Connor Brown for what seems like forever — remember when Bob McKenzie had us all thinking he’d be an Oiler last summer — but this was the first time I’ve ever heard him talking about the idea himself.
On yesterday’s episode of Mitts Off with Luke Gazdic, the former Oiler welcomed Connor Brown to his show to talk about all kinds of things, but the specific part of the interview I wanted to touch on was when Gaz asked about a possible reunion with Connor McDavid. But before we get to the quote, the two things I wanted to point out before we begin are 1) I think it’s amazing how unapologetically biased Luke Gazdic is when it comes to the Oilers, and 2) this makes me believe that NHL players think we’re closing to winning it all. The quote:
Luke Gazdic: Coming back home to Canada — will you look at that? And, you’re making me smile right now thinking about maybe a possible Oilers reunion, at some point in your career, have you thought about down the road like, “Man, it would be really cool to play with [Connor McDavid] again at some point.”
Connor Brown: “You’d be lying to say no. Of course, it would be awesome to play with him. More so, over anything, he’s going to win a Cup here eventually. As a player, that’s what I want to do. I want to win. You’re a player and you want to win a Stanley Cup in the NHL, and that’s a big priority going into where you’re going to land. But you think about every scenario.”
Alright, I know what you’re thinking: “Baggedmilk, there’s hardly anything here so what are you getting all excited about this early in the morning?” It’s a fair question, but let me explain myself. Even though we’ve heard plenty of Connor Brown to the Oilers rumours over the last couple of seasons, this was the first time that I can remember hearing him talk about playing with Connor McDavid not only because their friends but because he believes that a Stanley Cup is near. Call me crazy or whatever you’d like, but hearing a guy that should have some decent free agency options ahead of him talk this way has me excited about the upcoming season and what this team is capable of provided that they get the right tweaks.
Maybe I’m just wearing my usual rose coloured glasses and stuck in my belief that everyone should want to play with Connor, but as the Oilers start to get better and deeper, I really do believe that the perception is changing. As much as signing one of McDavid’s buddies can be viewed as a lay-up, I see this as the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to finally land some quality players on cheap deals because they believe the Oilers are on the cusp of winning it all. Just me? Can’t be, right? There’s no way. Then again, maybe it’s just the silly season air that has me all hot and bothered this morning. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Tired of me talking? Understandable. Fortunately, I’ve got the clip right here for you to watch and decide for yourself how much weight we should be putting into this Connor Brown rumour. Based on this short interaction, the guy certainly seems open to coming to Edmonton and finally fulfilling the speculation that we’ve been hearing about him over the last couple of years. From my side of the computer screen, if Holland can land Connor Brown on a reasonable, bonus-laden deal that brings him to town on the cheap then that is the perfect kind of support player that we need around these parts provided that he can stay healthy.
After an injury-plagued 2022-23 season, I’d imagine that Brown is raring to go and that we would be getting an incredibly motivated player should this rumour come to fruition. And if that means we could get our hands on a guy that can play in the top nine and potentially chip in 20 goals then you’re really starting to get somewhere. Just me? Either way, I thought the clip was an interesting look at how an NHL free agent views the Edmonton Oilers and wanted to share it with all of you that don’t have the time to cruise around the Internet as I do.


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