Edmonton Oilers coach, players react to Evander Kane injury

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Zach Laing
10 months ago
It’s been a tense night around the Edmonton Oilers after forward Evander Kane suffered a cut to his left wrist during a Tuesday night game.
Kane was taken down by the boards and incidentally suffered a cut to his wrist. Thankfully, he was quick to the bench and locker room where he was stabilized and transported to the hospital.
According to our own Jason Gregor, Kane will get imaging done that will examine the extent of the injury and surgery will likely be needed.
After the Oilers won the game 3-2, Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft and numerous Oilers players spoke about what happened.

Jay Woodcroft

Opening comments: “First and foremost everyone on our team, in our organization, probably most people in Edmonton are thinking of Evander Kane. When an accident like that happens on the ice, that’s where our first thought is. It’s never fun to see one of your teammates in that position. Shoutout to the great medical staff we have within our organization and the people at the arena here who were quick to respond and make sure he was okay. The news I’ve received, and it’s very limited, is that he’s in a good spot and getting well taken care of.”
On when he noticed the injury: “What I saw was kind of in my peripheral vision. I saw the blood on the ice, I saw him skate off and put pressure and that’s when I wanted a whistle to get the proper medical people where they needed to be. As I said, it’s a credit to those guys. they’re quick thinkers and quick actors, and I think Evander’s in a good spot because of it.”
On getting the Oilers back in the game: “I think what you do is you share the information as you get it. When the trainer came back to the bench and we got word to the bench, we let our players know immediately just so there was no concern. In between periods, we talked about it. Evander’s a real popular teammate and he’s an important piece of our team. We wanted to make sure his teammates knew where he was at.”

Connor McDavid

On the injury: “It’s scary, certainly scary. I think you could feel the energy in the entire rink get sucked out. you’re very concerned when you see something like that and so much blood on the ice. We’re hearing he’s doing okay, but that’s the initial. I thought everybody responded really well.”
On when he understood the gravity of the situation: “We saw him go into the boards and we were saying he thought he may have been hurt like he was going to stay down. I was changing for somebody, and all of sudden he’s rushing as fast as I’ve seen. His eyes were as wide as a person’s could be. We got the sense of how alarming it was and how scared he was. We were all scared for him.”
On the oilers talking about it: “It’s a fast game. We were talking in the room how crazy it is. Pucks are flying around 100 miles an hour, guys are flying around on little knives. It’s a crazy game out there. Something like that can happen and it certainly provides the human side of the game. Guys are putting their bodies on the line every night and it’s unfortunate, but we’re thinking of him.”

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

On the injury: “It happened so quick. You see him go down, you don’t really see what happens then he’s rushing off and you see blood. You want that whistle right away. You’re not going to be able to keep playing. Everybody, both sides were worried about him. They were filling us in and we’re happy he’s okay. We’ll keep checking in.
“You could see his face coming off the ice. IT almost look like he hurt something else going down, but then you see it in his face then you look back and there’s all the blood. Just a scary situation.”
On refocusing after the injury: “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t [easy]. you’re worried about him, you’re thinking about him. We had a few minutes there to regroup and he would want us to get back out there and get a big win for the team.”

Jack Campbell

On the injury: “I was kind of focused on the puck and I saw a big scrum ensuing and both teams calling over to the medical guys. The medical staff was amazing and got him the help he needed right away. We’re very thankful.”

Warren Foegele

On the injury: “It was a freaky incident you never want to see a teammate, let alone anyone be [in that position]. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery and we’re hoping he heals quick.”
On the players getting information on Kane’s status: “Yeah, the trainers did a great job and so did Tampa’s medical team. That’s what you hope for when something like that happens — that they’re going to be quick and try to resolve the situation as best they can and that’s what happened. It was nice Tampa players asking us if he’s okay as well. at the end of the day, we’re all humans and we want to be okay.”

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