Oilers Prospect Report: Condors Find a Way

Liam Horrobin
1 year ago
It’s all doom and gloom in Edmonton, and the Oilers can’t figure it out. Now, let’s see if this prospect report can give us all a bit of glimmer of hope. 
Before we get into it, Dylan Holloway has been cleared from COVID protocol and is heading down to Bakersfield. Finally, we get to see the Oilers first-round get in some game action. By most reports, fans should expect to see Holloway back in Edmonton at some point this year. Action down in Bakersfield will be essential for him to get his feet back underneath. 
Now, let’s take a look at everyone else: 
The Berta Boy Returns
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the main stage from the University of Denver, Carter Savoie! 
Savoie returned to the Pioneers lineup for the first time since before Christmas and made an immediate impact. The University of Denver went head-to-head with the University of Nebraska-Omaha 5-2 and 4-0. Savoie came away with one goal and four points from their weekend series. 
His one assist to teammate Brett Stapley was a nasty no-look backhand from down low. 
Savoie was recently named a Hobey Baker Award finalist, and you can now vote for the Oilers prospect to win. Simply click right HERE to vote. 
Condors Find A Way
It doesn’t matter what you throw at Jay Woodcroft and his Bakersfield Condors team, and they continue to solve each problem that comes their way and prevails.
On Wednesday, Vincent Desharnais, Ostap Safin, Kaldis, Cooper Marody, Dimitri Samorukov, Tim Soderlund and Matteo Gennaro. Along with Stuart Skinner also being with the Edmonton Oilers. 
Despite missing nine players, they won the game 6-3 and were even down 2-0 at one point. They battled back, scoring five unanswered goals. A win like that will help bring a team together, that’s for sure. Philip Broberg had a good game offensively, grabbing a couple of assists to take his tally to 16 points on the year. 
Let’s give some credit to James Hamblin too. Hamblin is a 22-year-old forward from Edmonton in his second season with the Condors. He’s always had a knack for scoring 115 WHL goals to his name, all with the Medicine Hat Tigers. This year, he’s already surpassed his goal total from last year (7) and looks well on his way to a solid year with the Condors. It might be worth Holland and his team considering signing this guy to a two-way contract over the summer. 
What Would You Do?
Ken Holland has made it quite clear that he doesn’t want to move one of his prospects; HOWEVER, it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to make any deal without including at least one prospect. One because the Oilers actually have about 6 to 10 good prospects, and two, Holland doesn’t have a 2nd or 3rd round pick to play with this year. Future picks are in play and this year’s first, too. 
My question to you is if you were Ken Holland, which top Oilers prospect would you be willing to move? 
This might be a hot take, but I think I would allow Xavier Bourgault to walk. Not because I don’t think he’ll be a great Oilers, but because the organization has done a great job of finding those later round guys. With Matvey Petrov, Tyler Tullio, and Carter Savoie still stored away, and you can run the risk of moving Bourgault for a bigger prize. Plus, all three of those guys are older, so perhaps they could play sooner than him. I am sure if this actually happened, it would make not taking Jesper Wallstedt even worse, but hey, it is what it is now.  
I’ll propose this question on my Twitter to @LiamHorrobin, so if you’re reading this respond to my tweet and let me know. 
Games PlayedGoalsAssistsPoints
Cooper MarodyBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason25121426
Last 7 days1011
Dmitri SamorukovBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason20156
84th overall, 2017Last 7 days0033
Dylan HollowayBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason0000
14th overall, 2020Last 7 days0000
Filip BerglundBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason21033
91st overall, 2016Last 7 days2011
Graham McPheeBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason22224
149th overall, 2016Last 7 days1011
James HamblinBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason238513
Last 7 days2303
Markus NiemelainenBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason16123
63rd overall, 2016Last 7 days2000
Michael KesselringBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason20134
162nd overall, 2018Last 7 days2011
Ostap SafinBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason20224
115th overall, 2017Last 7 days1011
Philip BrobergBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason2221416
8th overall, 2019Last 7 days2033
Philip KempBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason21336
208th overall, 2017Last 7 days2314
Raphael LavoieBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason276612
38th overall, 2019Last 7 days2000
Ryan McLeodBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason7145
40th overall, 2018Last 7 days0000
Tim SoderlundBakersfield CondorsForwardSeason7000
Last 7 days1000
Vincent DesharnaisBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason263710
183rd overall, 2016Last 7 days1022
William LagessonBakersfield CondorsDefenceSeason11022
91st overall, 2014Last 7 days0000
Games PlayedGAASV %
Ilya KonovalovBakersfield CondorsGoaltenderSeason102.480.9
85th overall, 2019Last 7 days010.952
Olivier RodrigueBakersfield CondorsGoaltenderSeason113.20.88
62nd overall, 2018Last 7 days220.926
Stuart SkinnerBakersfield CondorsGoaltenderSeason81.960.925
Last 7 days000
Games PlayedGoalsAssistsPoints
Maxim BeryozkinLokomotiv Yaroslav (KHL)ForwardSeason30112
138th overall, 2020Last 7 days0000
Maxim DenezhkinLada Togliatti (VHL)ForwardSeason42121830
193rd overall, 2019Last 7 days2123
Jeremias LindewallModo Hockey (Sweden)ForwardSeason29044
200th overall, 2020Last 7 days2000
Aapeli RäsänenKalPa (Liiga)ForwardSeason3561319
153rd overall, 2016Last 7 days1112
Patrik SiikanenJVP (Liiga)ForwardSeason266410
195th overall, 2018Last 7 days1000
Skyler Brind’ AmourQuinnipiac UnivForwardSeason20279
177th overall, 2017Last 7 days3123
Filip EngarasUniversity of New HampshireForwardSeason214812
169th overall, 2020Last 7 days2011
Tomas MazuraProvidence CollegeForwardSeason8112
162nd overall, 2019Last 7 days0011
Luca MunzenbergerUniversity of VermontDefenceSeason16022
90th overall, 2021Last 7 days0000
Carter SavoieUniversity of DenverForwardSeason18131326
100th overall, 2020Last 7 days2134
Matvey PetrovNorth Bay BattalionForwardSeason35223456
180th overall, 2021Last 7 days3112
Tyler TullioOshawa GeneralsForwardSeason32173047
126th overall, 2020Last 7 days4336
Xavier BourgaultShawinigan CataractesForwardSeason24222042
22nd overall, 2021Last 7 days0000
Shane LachanceYoungstown PhantomsForwardSeason27347
186th overall, 2021Last 7 days0000
Jake ChiassonBrandon Wheat KingsForwardSeason0000
116th overall, 2021Last 7 days0000
Max WannerMoose Jaw WarriorsDefenceSeason383912
212th overall, 2021Last 7 days4101

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