Edmonton Oilers Vibe Check: Evander Kane playing beer league and Tyson Barrie’s wedding

Photo credit:Twitter.com/schiu67
By Woz
11 months ago
You know we’re officially in off-season mode when photos of players from weddings or unexpected public appearances start to pop up on social media.
The first thing that came across my timeline on Threads was Evander Kane playing in a rec league game for the Broadstreet Bullies of the CCRHL. Kane wasn’t playing under his own name, however, instead having the pseudonym “Fa Afo” putting that legendary quote of his during the NHL playoffs earlier this year to good use. Kane made the most of the ice time by potting two goals in his one appearance.
Who knows if he’ll continue to play throughout the summer. It’s possible he doesn’t want too much public exposure however a photo was quickly bound to circulate even after a few minutes of him playing in a Rec League, especially being in the NHL. If anything let this be an early sign that the NHL should consider a summer league like the NBA.
Earlier last week both Mattias Ekholm and Kane made an appearance together at an event at the Enoch Cree Nation.
Now we need to talk about hockey’s MET Gala that’s going on in Victoria, which is Tyson Barries’ wedding weekend.
Zach Hyman once mentioned that Barrie is the most well-connected man in hockey and now there’s proof of that after Lauren Kyle posted on her Instagram story of a photo that featured NHL stars such as Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, Barrie himself, all packed in a bus with the top model of them all taking the photo, Mike Smith who’s been the rockstar of the weekend so far.
According to @schiu67 on Twitter, Barrie’s pre-wedding festivities showcased more than just NHL stars. 
You have a whole host of Oilers who’ve been invited, apparently alongside celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Ryan Reynolds as well. No photos of them have been seen there, but Barrie is the most well-connected man in hockey.
Honestly, the best part out of all this is seeing Mike Smith have the time of his life and showing the kids how to party by going tarps off in the middle of everything.
It’s also wild how many people found out where the event was held as plenty of fans did their best to meet players and snap photos.
We should also shout out Leon Draisaitl, who’s back in Europe also taking in wedding season and attending Harry Styles concerts rocking some heart sunglasses.
On top of it all, I just hope Derek Ryan is having a fantastic summer, because he deserves it and I hope we find out what he’s been up to this off-season.

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