Future Odds: The Stanley Cup

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7 months ago
If you’re a fan of putting a few pennies down on season-long hockey bets to spice up the hockey season, I’ve got another dose of odds for you pertaining to our beloved Edmonton Oilers. This time around, we’re looking at the Stanley Cup winner.
As much as I understand that I’m 1000% a biased Oilers fan and that betting on the team comes from the heart more so than my head, I still like to check out where they rank against their peers as league favourites for the Stanley Cup. There’s something about seeing folks outside of Edmonton thinking that our boys have a chance to win it all that tickles me in the loins, and so when I checked in on where they rank in terms of Cup favourites, I couldn’t help but smile. Yeah, I personally believe the Oilers should be favoured to win the Stanley Cup every year, but to see them at the top of the pile over at Betway was a nice way to start my day. And with the idea of putting a few extra beans in our burrito in mind, I put together a way-too-early look at the Stanley Cup odds to see if there are any opportunities for those of us who partake.
Let’s check out the odds.


The Odds:

  • Edmonton Oilers +800
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +800
  • Colorado Avalanche +900
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1000
  • New Jersey Devils +1000
  • Vegas Golden Knights +1100
  • New York Rangers +1300
  • Boston Bruins +1500
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1500
  • Dallas Stars +1700
Even though I absolutely know that the odds over at Betway don’t mean anything about how this season will play out or who will win the Stanley Cup, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t put a couple of nickels down on the Oilers to bring Lord Stanley home with them. Without question, at least in my mind, the Oilers will be one of the best teams in the Western Conference and I truly believe that they’ll be coming into this year with something to prove. As annoying as the second round loss to Vegas was, I believe that the Oilers are going to use that heartbreak as fuel to get over the hump and take this team to the next level. Again, that’s just what I believe and not based on anything other than my eternal love for this hockey team. You, the reader, may feel completely different.
Either way, I’ve put down a couple of dollars on our boys winning the ultimate prize to not only (hopefully) pad my wallet several months from now but also to do my part in manifesting the win. Even though there are some damned fine hockey teams in the top 10 list that I posted, I truly believe that the Oilers have the skill and depth to compete with any of them. Call me a homer all you want — it’s totally true and I’m not trying to hide it — but I believe the Oilers have what it takes to get the job done. And given that we’re all hoping that the 2023-24 campaign is the year they finally raise the Cup, making a few dollars watching it happen would be a wonderful cherry on top of that sundae.
Just me? Can’t be.

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