New feature: questions for Quinn… or something like that!

Quinn Phillips
1 year ago
Hi everyone! Some of you may know me from my time spent doing sports at a local TV station while others might just know me for who my dad is… the OG voice of the Oilers, Rod Phillips. Needless to say, hockey has been a big part of my life, so it seems like a nice fit to join the ranks at Oilersnation.
The idea behind my column is to answer questions from the readers. Yes, question period with Quinn Phillips. Or QP with QP if you might? It’s a work in progress.
Maybe you want to ask me about the time I cut my hair into a faux-hawk and looked like Kevin Bacon in a yearbook photo? Or maybe it’s asking me who my favourite player was when I was younger — it’s never going to be who you would think it is. Maybe it’s my most embarrassing moment? Ok, don’t ask that one. I was a teenager when I first interviewed Eric Brewer and completely froze because I got lost in his eyes… what a dreamboat?!?!
One thing though, don’t ask me if my dad did play-by-play at the dinner table, because you won’t be the first, you won’t be the last, and the answer is just straight up: NO.
But don’t shy away from questions about news from around the NHL. My take on the best places to eat downtown before the game? A guide to maneuvering Rogers Place? I can try to figure that out with you!
In all seriousness, I’ve lived a life in a hockey rink, around the Oilers, and since I’m far too lazy to write a book, we can talk about it here.
No matter what, I want to have a little fun with this. I’m an honest person, I love to make fun of myself, and I finally have a chance to really just be a goofball when it comes to talking about the Oilers and the life that the organization has provided me. I’m not here for everything analysis, there are enough people doing that, so let’s think outside the box. Send us those questions, I look forward to seeing what Oilersnation can come up with.
You can reach me on Twitter: @QJPhillips, or leave comments with questions.


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