Oilersnation is preparing for a Merry Clinch-mas!

Photo credit:John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Caroline Szwed
1 year ago
The best time of the year is finally right around the corner and the Edmonton Oilers seem to be peaking at the right time!
At this moment, the Edmonton Oilers haven’t officially clinched a playoff spot… but it’s coming! Per Jason Gregor, they are on track to earn home-ice advantage and finish second in their division.
It’s like Christmas in Spring! I mean, it sure feels like it with this weather. Anyways, who would have thought two months ago that we would be in this position? I’m not going to lie, I was a little more than nervous.
However, my favourite part now? Checking in on all of Oilersnation to see where the excitement levels are at.
Here’s what I gathered:
First things first, it came to no surprise that Oilers fans were:
A) Happy with a 4-0 win over Vegas
B) Unhappy that they helped Calgary clinch a playoff spot
Then came overall excitement from the pure fact that the Oilers are SO close to getting the job done…
…followed by the natural stress that comes with being an Oilers fan.
Ahhhh, and then comes the magic number! The suspense is killing us!
However, it seems as though Oilers fans aren’t too worried about their potential match-up in the first round of the playoffs:
Lastly, what’s Clinch-mas season without a little hot take? Thoughts on this one?
And while we all soak up the season, we have to try very hard not to let reality set in too much.
As much as we love the playoffs, that means hockey is almost done!
Alright, Oilersnation! What are your thoughts right now? Are you nervous, excited, hopeful or scared? Sound off in the comments! This is my first playoff experience as an Edmontonian and I need to know what to expect!

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