Oilersnation Radio Episode 135 – DOWN the stretch we come!

3 years ago
Happy Friday, everybody! The end of the workweek is here and that means a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio is set and ready to lead you into the weekend. This week, we looked back at the series sweep against the Jets, last night’s loss to the Flames, season expectations, and a whole lot more.
To kick things off, we jumped in with a look at season expectations and whether or not the Oilers have met or exceeded what we all thought they would do this season. At the time of recording, the Oilers are sitting in second place in the North Division and that’s basically where every single one thought they would be. We also narrowed the question down to a few specific players that have either exceeded or not met expectations and the answers were varied. From there, we welcomed the newest Nation team member, Matt Wozniak, to the podcast to explain a little bit about his new role with the network as well as chiming in with his hottest Oilers takes. With Woz settled in, we looked back at the games from this past week and offered our thoughts on what went well (against the Jets) and not so well (against the Flames). From there, we looked at a few specific Oilers that need to get going and offered a few thoughts on how they can make it happen.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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