Oilersnation Radio Episode 140 – The Debrief Episode

2 years ago
We decided to do two episodes of ONR per week during the playoffs and we didn’t even get to our first before the Edmonton Oilers were bumped out after a crushing sweep at the hands of the Winnipeg Jets. Today, we try to make sense of what went wrong.
Kicking off the episode, we got started by trying to make sense of what just happened. The toughest part about the loss is that the Oilers probably deserved better than what they got even though that doesn’t make the result feel any better. From line combinations to giveaways to blowing leads in the third period, there were plenty of reasons why the Oilers couldn’t pull themselves back into the series and we struggled to figure out why that is when the team seemed to play with so much confidence during the regular season. We also talked about how wild it was to watch an entire series of prison rules where refs weren’t really calling anything outside of murder, and even then it was questionable whether they’d pull the whistles out. That’s not to say it’s the refs’ fault that the Oilers lost but it was endlessly frustrating watching a subpar product because the NHL doesn’t seem to care about its own rulebook. Lastly, we tried to finish off the podcast with some positive vibes but I don’t really know how effective that was as you will soon hear. All-in-all, it was incredibly disappointing that our first playoff episode of ONR was to recap a very disappointing playoff performance.
Listen to the latest episode below:
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