Oilersnation Radio Episode 193 – The Oilers will be fine if they play their game

2 years ago
It’s Tuesday afternoon and that means we’re here for the first bonus episode of Oilersnation Radio to help you finish off what’s left of your week with an hour of all things Edmonton Oilers. On today’s show, we talked about Sunday’s loss, what needs to happen to bounce back in Game 5, and a whole lot more.
Kicking off today’s podcast, we jumped in with a look at what the Oilers need to do differently in Game 5 to ensure that they get themselves back into the win column. For all of us on the podcast, we weren’t too concerned about losing a game because it happens, but what we absolutely need is a much better effort from the crease on out. Next up, we looked at the new line combinations that Jay Woodcroft put together, and whether these adjustments are going to be what the team needs to get an extra boost. We also talked about how this is an opportunity for the Oilers to respond after was clearly a poorer effort than the team expects from themselves, and if they can put that together, we couldn’t see any reason why this series doesn’t get back on track. Lastly, we wrapped up the bonus episode of Oilersnation Radio with a look at the bright sides and the face palmers in another round of Hot and Cold performers.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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